Scratch Our Backs, Uncle Ron, and We’ll Scratch Yours

Courtesy of the nimrod over at CNJ, this just in:

Monday will be a very busy day.  First, Senator Mike Doherty will publicly endorse Congressman Ron Paul for President of the United States.  Congressman Paul will be on hand for the press conference which will take place at noon at the Statehouse.  A conservative legislator endorsing a Congressman some would describe as a conservative icon for President of our great country.  This is shaping up to be a tremendous event with quite the crowd of grassroots support for Congressman Paul expected to be on hand.

I  had to clean the iced tea (Limbaugh’s brew, natch) off the screen of the laptop after reading this. The hot potato question: will Boss Lonegan be there to bask in the glory? Odds are that he will – not so much by virtue of his almost pathological desire to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral but the fact that he would be returning a favor.

Back in 2009, during the GOP gubernatorial primary, Crazy Uncle Ron proudly proclaimed his endorsement of Steve Lonegan for Governor – effectively driving God only knows how many sane Republicans into the Chris Christie fold. [Full disclosure: in those days, I fully supported Steve Lonegan in his bid to become governor and discounted the disturbing impact of Dr. Paul's endorsement because, frankly, I did not know as much about Dr. Paul (or Lonegan) as I know today.]

PolitickerNJ’s Alan Steinberg exposed the occult ugliness of this alliance back in 2009:

Equally disturbing, however, was Ron Paul’s condoning of anti-Semitism in the course of his 2008 campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination by his acceptance and retention of a $500 campaign contribution from Don Black, a neo-Nazi leader who runs a vicious white supremacist website, Paul also posed for a picture with Black.

To get the full extent of Paul’s anti- Israel campaign, go to the website,, and note the following quote from the webpage, “Ron Paul on Israel”,

“On January 9, Ron Paul addressed Congress to voice his opposition to a House resolution expressing strong support for Israel in its invasion of Gaza, and branding Hamas as a terrorist organization.”

Paul’s message speaks for itself: Hamas is not a terrorist organization, in spite of its launching of over 1,000 rockets against citizens of Israel. The United States should not support Israel in its campaign of retaliation against a vile terrorist organization whose “Culture Minister”, Atallah Abu Al-Subh greeted the news of 9-11 with the words, “Allah has answered our prayers.” And campaign donations from neo-Nazis will be welcomed.

In view of this record of Ron Paul, why would gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan and 23rd District State Senate candidate Mike Doherty enthusiastically accept the endorsement of Ron Paul ? Furthermore, why would Mike Doherty have actually made the horrendous misjudgment to support Ron Paul for President in 2008?

Good question. Rather a shame that conservative Republican voters are obliged to ponder it again in 2011.

That GOP Committeman Rob Eichmann idiotically characterizes Ron Paul as a “conservative icon” is icing on the cake: Dr. Paul is not a conservative, but rather, a libertarian who masquerades as a conservative Republican. There is more than a marginal difference between conservatives and libertarians; Committeeman Eichmann would do well to educate himself regarding these differences lest he further embarrass himself and the once-credible website for which he now blogs.

Let us review a portion of Dr. Paul’s record:

  1. Back in 1987, Ron Paul stabbed Ronald Reagan in the back and abandoned the Republican Party for the Libertarian Party. After realizing he would go nowhere as a registered Libertarian (from the Latin word Libertariatus, meaning “I wanna smoke my pot in peace”), Dr. Paul crawled back to the GOP.
  2. In 2007, Dr. Paul voted in FAVOR of a bill calling for the federal government to engage in what is essentially price-fixing of prescription drugs bought for Medicare Part D. He also voted in favor of the re-importation of pharmaceuticals from countries that had rigid price control structures in place. The Cato Institute noted that it was tantamount to “foreign price controls on drugs.” The Heritage Foundation stated that “Such policies would not create a ‘freer’ market for pharmaceuticals, but would regulate the market even further.”
  3. Speaking of pharmaceuticals, Dr. Paul has advocated strongly for the complete and total legalization of ALL those drugs currently on the federal blacklist – including heroin. Ask anyone who has struggled with a dependency on narcotics if this is a good idea.
  4. “Strict constitutionalist” Ron Paul positively HEARTS earmarks!
  5. There is the uncomfortable fact that (a) Dr. Paul accepted a campaign contribution from a neo-Nazi that he refused to return and then posed for a picture with him and (b) Ron Paul newsletters composed by conservo-gnostic maniac Lew Rockwell  are replete with racist references.
  6. On the issue of Iran’s accelerated efforts to develop nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel and usher in the Islamic Apocalypse, Dr. Paul opined that he had no problem with a nuclear-armed Iran.
  7. Dr. Paul is on record saying that U.S. intervention in the Middle East is a main motivation behind terrorist hostilities toward America, and that Islam is not a threat to our nation.

Good grief. Out of the entire field of Republican candidates (of whom several are solid Reaganites), Sen. Doherty – who claims to be a Reagan Conservative – throws his support behind a quasi-libertarian dismissed by most knowledgeable voters in the GOP – and the Tea Party movement – as a dangerously naive kook. Perhaps he’s attempting to woo back elements of the Tea Party in New Jersey that are abandoning him and Boss Lonegan in droves by aligning himself with a candidate he believes to be the most conservative. If so, his gambit  will ultimately backfire – especially if Dr. Paul hangs in there until Primary day. True,  there are many in the Tea Party movement who can rightly be called Paulnuts and Paulbots – but their numbers are few and most other Tea Partiers regard them as cranks and fanatics.

One thing is for sure: expect to see lavish and fulsome praise – along with a hearty endorsement  of Mike Doherty – from Star-Ledger hack, confirmed Paulnut and Lonegan Kool-Aid drinker Paul Mulshine.

Exit question #1: In light of Boss Lonegan’s attempted smack down of several Tea Party groups coupled with his and Mike Doherty’s endorsement of a demonstrably hypocritical and certifiably whacko candidate for president, how many more Republicans will hop off of the Boss Hogg Express?

Exit question #2: How severely will Dr. Paul tone down his libertarian rhetoric during Monday’s presser to make it look like he’s on the same page as Movement Conservatives in New Jersey?

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  1. dloosend says:

    Can’t support the Paulestinians.

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