Savage and Beck vs Gingrich: Ignoring Reality

Mercurial Conservative Talk Radio Host Michael Savage has made an offer to Republican Presidential  Nominee Candidate, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who happens to be the current front runner for his party’s nomination:

Newt Gingrich is unelectable. Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a chance of defeating Barack Obama, and there is nothing more important than that for the future heath, safety, and security of the United States of America. Therefore, I am offering Newt Gingrich one million dollars to drop out of the presidential race for the sake of the nation.

If Newt Gingrich really loves this country as much as he says he does, if he really wants what is best for America, he will set his ego aside, call me, and accept my offer. His continued candidacy spells nothing but ruin for conservatives, Republicans, and all true American patriots, One million dollars in exchange for preserving the nation, Newt. I say take the money … and don’t run.

Also jumping on the “Get Rid of Newt” Bandwagon is Conservative/Libertarian Talk Show Host Glenn Beck, who laid this unexpected little “turncoat moment” on us:

Over the weekend Beck followed up last week’s headline-making interview with Newt Gingrich with an appearance on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox Business show.

Beck, who is no fan of what he terms Gingrich’s “progressive” politics, declared that Gingrich is the “only candidate I cannot vote for” before taking a rather brutal (if totally true to form)swipe at Tea Party supporters.

If you have a big government progressive, or a big government progressive in Obama… ask yourself this, Tea Party: Is it about Obama’s race? Because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him but you’re for this guy, it must be about race. I mean, what else is it? It’s the policies that matter.

The plot sickens…errr….thickens:

On a podcast this weekend hosted by Steve Bannon (who Dave Weigel notes is the director of the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” and lives in a D.C. house rented by Andrew Breitbart) Breitbart pushed back.

“Beck is a coward and won’t defend himself when he makes a mistakes…the self-appointed historian of the conservative movement, an autodidact who’s read a lot of books over the last few years….This guy is a huckster. He’s always been a huckster. It was only a few years ago that he was a shock jock, that he was a morning zoo guy. And he’s been taking people’s content for years and not crediting it.”

It’s worth noting the first time Breitbart and Beck tangled — though “tangled” is somewhat misleading since normally what happens is that in an attempt to generate some attention for himself Breitbart complains loudly about Beck and Beck ignores him — was over the Shirley Sherrod video.

In 2010 Breitbart, heady with the success of the James O’Keefe’s ACORN takedown, posted an edited video of USDA official Shirley Sherrod‘s speech at a March 27 speech at an NAACP banquet telling the audience she had denied a white farmer funding and claimed it was ““video evidence of racism coming from a federal appointee and NAACP award recipient.” Sherrod was promptly denounced and fired before anyone thought to check the full address which decided un-racist.

The next night Beck railed against the video on his Fox News show (though notably not against Breitbart), something the White House, among others, was not anticipating.

Cut to a year and a half later and Beck is sweepingly accusing the Tea Party of racist inclinations and Andrew Breitbart is angry about it.

In addition to all this, Beck said Monday morning on his radio show that if Newt Gingrich is the nominee and Ron Paul runs third party, he’d consider voting for Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich, even though he hates Ron Paul’s policies on the Middle East.

(I don my Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo rumpled raincoat and interrupt.)

Uhhh….excuse me…excuse me… Mr. Beck, sir.  May I ask you a question, please, sir?


I realize that Newt has had his less-than-Conservative moments.  However, so have you, sir.  You tend to lean more toward the Libertarian side on a bunch of issues.

So, are you jumping ship now that the candidates you have been pushing – Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, both good Conservatives -  have faded into the sunset?

I have another question, sir.  Please forgive me if this is politically incorrect, but it needs to be asked:  What are your feelings toward your fellow Mormons, Huntsman and Romney?  I know that Huntsman’s father, a great humanitarian, is a close confidant of yours.  You’ve spoken of him several times over the years.

Does loyalty to the LDS hold any sway with your thought process?

No offense meant, sir.  Just asking.

(Hangs Columbo raincoat up)

I’ve listened to Glenn Beck for years. His words and actions of the last few days have me shaking my head.  Does he or doesn’t he want to evict Obama from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Has his zeal in labeling Progressives of both political parties just alienated him from the very people who have supported him all of these years and made him as rich as Midas?

Dr. Savage, I’ve listened to you over the years, also.  Try decaf.  Romney’s going to be lucky to win New Hampshire.

No.  Newt is not an ideal candidate.  But, he is the best of what’s left.

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One Response to Savage and Beck vs Gingrich: Ignoring Reality

  1. Pfb1311 says:

    Speaking of genuine people who can be trust …
    Funny thing, a few years ago I got a chance to work on a place in Naples, Florida that Glen Beck got as clients of his show,( I mean they have an ad on his show), I quit after three or four month because of the things that happened on this place ,like rip people off, charge for services never performed, even internal stealing and employ people who use drugs or alcohol .

    We even got one mechanic with out driver’s licence because of a DUI and we had to road test the vehicles for him.(just to give you a quick idea of this place).

    Anyway, Mr Beck does the ad for them himself, and on the end he says : “I’m Glenn Beck and I approve this message”, so I ask : “Is Mr Beck research sometimes sloppy or he sale his endorsement to anyone paying the right price?”.