Sauce for the Bayshore is Sauce for the Jacobins

It’s one of those things that stares you plainly in the face – like an enigmatic Easter Island statue – and yet you don’t really see it. Kenny Hill (a college-era chum) correctly summed up Edgar Allan Poe’s “Purloined Letter” when he observed that “The most obvious facts are the most easily overlooked.” For my part, I saw it for what it was the day it first appeared and tucked it into my vest pocket, content in the knowledge that the time would come to  play the card. Sure enough…that time has come.

For the past few weeks the Garden State blogosphere has been afire with controversy over a decision by the Bayshore Tea Party to invite a real, live teenage Socialist  to one of their membership meetings in late April of this year. By all accounts it was an interesting and enlightening two hour encounter: on Tuesday, April 26 the young socialist learned that the Tea Party movement was not populated by bigoted trolls  but rather, by dedicated Americans who love their country. For their part, BTPG had a chance to get inside the head of a young socialist for a better understanding of what makes these people tick and how we can more effectively confront their political philosophy. An attempt to live-stream the meeting failed due to technical difficulties and no video record of the event ever appeared on Youtube.

BTPG founder Barbara Gonzalez discussed the meeting on her blog on April 29, after which there is no subsequent mention of the encounter on the Bayshore website. An examination of the young socialist’s site likewise reveals no mention of the meeting after it occurred. For all intents and purposes, it was the functional equivalent of ships passing in the night and the matter was soon forgotten in favor of more pressing business.

It comes as no small wonder then, that CNJ’s Rob Eichmann – chief attack dachshund and dimwitted yellow journalist extraordinaire – remained blissfully unaware of the encounter for nearly two months until he began digging for dirt to include in an attack article he posted on June 28 titled “What Are They Thinking?” in which he briefly mentioned that the BTPG “… invited a Socialist candidate (yes, a real Socialist) to speak before the tea party group.”

Given the anti-socialist caterwauling that would erupt from the CNJ fever swamp AFTER I defended BTPG’s decision to invite a socialist to speak, the thoughtful observer is left wondering just how deeply CNJ is committed to opposing the scourge of socialism. Honestly Rob: you uncover the stunning revelation that (gasp!) Middletown Barbi, Queen of the Tea Party Quislings, invites the bastard son of Lucifer into the hallowed halls of Tea Partydom and the best you can manage thereafter is…a single line of text? Really?

Now for the pièce de résistance and a strong dose of their own poison: On July 20, the young socialist himself paid a visit to CNJ, registered with the site and then posted the following on the “What Are They Thinking?” comment thread:

Notice the link under his name, which takes the reader here:

For the past 11 days, this comment has remained on CNJ as a platform for the socialist to defend himself, complete with a link to his website. Pat Noble continued to post comments on CNJ thereafter, indicating that he has not yet been banned.

Questions at once arise: Why does CNJ tolerate in their midst a socialist who they claim regards a Black Panther founder as his Ronald Reagan? Why do they permit him a platform to spew his ideological poison and corrupt the minds of what few regular readers they have left? How many unwary visitors to CNJ have clicked on Noble’s link and suffered exposure to his vile socialist propaganda? The Bayshore Tea Party site contains nary a single link anywhere to a socialist website and yet CNJ offers a prominently displayed portal to the very bowels of Hell.

Now it’s true that Middletown Barbi invited the socialist to speak to her organization and Everybody’s Favorite Dick most certainly did not invite a teenage socialist to comment on CNJ. On the other hand, he took no steps to cleanse CNJ of the socialist infection, did he? Were he and Eichmann truly the anti-socialist crusaders they now purport themselves to be, they would have deleted the offending post immediately and revoked Pat Noble’s registration to comment on the site. Yet…they have not done so and for eleven long days the pristine waters of Movement Conservatism have been fouled by CNJ’s complicity with the evil forces of socialism.

Why? Free speech issues, perhaps? A need to engage in dialog with the “enemy?” The opportunity to pick Pat Noble’s brains in an effort to figure out what makes him tick? Bayshore makes those very claims but the sages of CNJ dismiss them.

Hmmm…Could it be that the web traffic generated by a socialist cavorting on CNJ and battling with their beetle-browed commentariat was just too delicious to pass up? CNJ has been climbing in the Alexa rankings lately (thanks largely to me, although my own rankings haven’t been too shabby either - thanks entirely to both me and my dedicated readers).

But…but…that would make them hypocrites – you know, sort of like stalwart conservatives who proclaim their fealty to the Constitution while condemning a constitutionally-created redistricting map that eliminates Republican gerrymandering.

Or could it be that Dratman and Boy Blunder really are just that stupid and clueless?  Perhaps, and  I wouldn’t be surprised if they bit the bullet and admitted that, gee whiz, (wink, wink) this one just got past their attention and, gosh darnit, (nudge, nudge) this won’t happen again.

I suspect Noble’s post will be purged and his registration to comment canceled fairly quickly after this article goes public and for good reason: Rockin’ Robbo and Crazy Dick have  just been exposed as stupidly hypocritical Jacobins – and as long as Pat Noble’s comment remains on the CNJ website, the Jacobins have no cause against the Bayshore Tea Party.

An old bromide tells us that “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” If so, ladies and gentlemen, then I present to you Roast Jacobin stuffed with Hypocritical Stupidity and served with an Irony demi-glaze. Bon appetit!

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  1. Barb says:

    I love Wee Willy Winky!!! LOL

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