Rotten to the Corps

You might recall how the Drive-Bys enjoyed a brief but entirely orgasmic Kent State flashback when OWS rabble rouser and former U.S. Marine Scott Olsen got konked in the noggin by a projectile that was assumed to have been launched by the police. As it turns out, further investigation indicates that the object most likely came from the direction of the protesters and not the police.

It also turns out that (surprise, surprise) the Hero of Occupy Oakland is the founder of the now-defunct

The Marine Corps thrives on its image. They convince young men and women that they’re joining a professional military organization. But that’s not the case at all, every Marine knows it, and most have no problem downplaying the bullshit to outsiders so they can protect their “beloved corps”. I noticed some of the other posters have told you not to pay any attention to my site because we’re just a bunch of ********* who couldn’t hack it, right? Maybe not hacking it means we saw through the bullshit and don’t want to take it. Maybe the brainwashing didn’t work on us. I’m not here to tell you if you should join or not. I’m here to advise you to take the people who visit my website just as seriously as anybody who tries to sell you the MC as a good thing.

My site is anonymous, these people don’t have to worry about hiding from the MC, or protecting the MC’s image or anything. It is unfiltered truth.

Mr. Olsen also is not terribly fond of the Jews.  No wonder the Left has made him their hero.

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