Robert Bales is a Dead Man Walking

I’ll cut to the chase: it is my firm belief that Staff Sgt. Robert Bales – the soldier accused of slaughtering 16 Afghan civilians – will face a court martial for murder, be found guilty on all counts and expeditiously executed afterward. I hope to God I’m wrong, but the political tarot cards in this particular case all point to the appeasement of a howling mob of raghead barbarians in a landlocked cesspool that claims to be the sovereign nation of Afghanistan.

To be sure, it was a horrific act: for reasons known only to himself and almighty God, Robert Bales murdered 16 people – men, women and children – in what appears to be ice-cold blood.

Bales is a 38-year-old staff sergeant, husband, father of two young children and a veteran who was in the midst of his fourth tour in a war zone. He was featured in a brief article in a September 2011 military newsletter detailing Blackhorse Company’s efforts to establish relationships with Afghan village residents.


The sergeant’s family says they saw no signs of aggression or anger. “They were totally shocked” by accounts of the massacre, Browne said. “He’s never said anything antagonistic about Muslims. He’s in general very mild-mannered.”

Browne, who said he has met with the family and talked with the suspect, cited a need to protect family members in declining to release the soldier’s name.

It would not surprise me in the least if Bales’ wife and children have already been marked for death by stateside jihadists. Already, proper precautions have been taken to ensure their safety and they have been moved to a secure location.

The soldier, said to have received sniper training, is assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, of the 2nd Infantry Division, which is based at Lewis-McChord and has been dispatched to Iraq three times since 2003, military officials say.

Three times is the charm, as they say. Obviously, the military brass were sufficiently pleased with his performance to send him back into hell not once but twice.

During the suspect’s time in Iraq, Browne said, the soldier was injured twice. A battle-related injury required surgery to remove part of one foot, the lawyer said.

Strike one: Bales is maimed in combat – but returns to active duty.

But Browne and government officials differ in their portrayal of a second injury, to the soldier’s head, in a vehicle accident.

A government official said this week that the accident was not related to combat. But Browne said the man suffered a concussion in an accident caused by an improvised explosive device.

Uh huh. In other words, he was either on patrol or off-duty IN A COMBAT ZONE when injured by an IED. Does it really matter that the injury was not sustained in the course of a fire-fight?


When he returned to the Seattle area, the staff sergeant at first thought he would not be required to join his unit when it shipped out for Afghanistan, the lawyer said. His family thought he was done fighting and was counting on him staying home. Until orders came dispatching him to Afghanistan, he was training to be a military recruiter, Browne said.

“He wasn’t thrilled about going on another deployment,” Browne said. “He was told he wasn’t going back, and then he was told he was going.”

Once more he was shipped off to a cesspool where our military is obliged to fight with a collective arm tied behind its back according to rules apparently set forth by Lewis Carroll.

On Saturday, the day before the shooting spree, Browne said, the soldier saw his friend’s leg blown off. Browne said his client’s family provided him with that information, which has not been verified.

The other soldier’s “leg was blown off, and my client was standing next to him,” he said.

Browne said he did not know if his client had been suffering from PTSD, but said it could be an issue at trial if experts believe it’s relevant. Experts on PTSD said witnessing the injury of a fellow soldier and the suspect’s own previous injuries put him at risk.

Gee…ya think? I don’t have to be a Harvard-educated psychiatrist to figure out what happened: Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, injured not once but twice in the course of his service to our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan, suffered a profound break from reality and did the bidding of psychotic demons – an act for which he will likely be found guilty and possibly executed.

In other news, nearly two and a half years after he slaughtered 13 people in what has become known in history as the Fort Hood Massacre, Maj. Nidal Hasan – the crypto-jihadist who screamed out “Allahu Akhbar!” as he gunned down unarmed men and women – has yet to be brought to trial. That he was a ticking time bomb of Islamic malevolence is now common knowledge, as is the fact that the U.S. military is obsessed with kid glove treatment of all things Muslim:

Immediately after the shootings, President Obama called Hasan’s actions “inexplicable” and suggested that he may have “cracked” under stress. The media followed suit, emphasizing the stress of treating soldiers emotionally scarred by war, and insinuating that Hasan had been unfairly picked on by his colleagues. One talking head said “we may never know if religion was a factor” in the killings. Another lamented that Hasan had failed to “reach out for help.” In reality, Hasan had long exhibited bizarre, menacing behavior that would have gotten him kicked out of the Army several times over if not for his protected status as a Muslim. The sympathetic disinformation was intended to hide Hasan’s actual purpose — ┬áto kill as many infidel American soldiers as possible for Allah.

The court martial of Major Hasan that was scheduled for March 5 of this year has been postponed for reasons that are unclear to me, as I can find very little useful information via Google. Not that it matters: if and when he is court martialed, Hasan will be sentenced to life in prison, where he will be well fed and supplied with Qurans and prayers rugs to his evil heart’s content.

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2 Responses to Robert Bales is a Dead Man Walking

  1. Dana Pearson says:

    I would like to know more about the Hassan Fort Hood massacre. Maybe we’ll learn more when the trial finally starts.

    I’d also like to know more about the Bales massacre. It is hard for me to believe he acted 100% alone (although he may have). Unfortunately, these things happen in wars, which is why as Sun-Tzu noted, war should be a last resort. Another old saying is that “the truth is the first casualty of war.” We may never know the real reasons for our being in Agfhanistan nearly eleven years after 9-11-01 — my guess is that it has something to do with competing with China for natural resources in Central Asia.

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