Rob Eichmann, Telemarketer

Since I wasn’t able to attend Steve Lonegan’s Thursday, September 15 “Hands Off My Health Care” forum in Paramus, imagine my joy when I discovered that NJGOP Committeeman Robert Eichmann was blogging live from that forum on Conservative New Jersey (CNJ). As it turns out, the Gloucester County Committeeman made a 230 mile round trip to lick Boss Lonegan’s boots and mug for the camera.

Committeeman Eichmann’s blog post started with a couple of promises:

As the program unfolds, I will blog live throughout it.

I was fortunate enough to have a great interview with Betsy McCaughey, the former Lt. Governor of New York, and tomorrow I will post more on that. She told me that there is news she will make tonight.

Both promises went unfulfilled. He left off blogging about half way into the “summit” – instead of blogging “throughout it”, and he did not post anything on his “great interview” with Betsy McCaughey the following day (Friday, September 16).

Then Committeeman Eichmann ingratiated himself with Steve Lonegan by claiming several hundred people attended the summit and relaying Lonegan’s observation about the amazing coincidence that the Star Spangled Banner was written on the same date in history 197 years ago.

Committeeman Eichmann followed up with one useful fact – Betsy McCaughey’s observation that 1,472 waivers from Obamacare have been handed out. Was that the “news” McCaughey made that night – as Committeeman Eichmann claimed she mentioned in his “great interview?” Then Committeeman Eichmann ended his blogging with a note about the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Moffit, along with more promises.

Dr. Moffit is speaking for a few minutes on just how bad the provisions, hidden and otherwise, really are for American citizens and businesses.

Moffit is very very good, and knows this law perhaps better than Betsy McCaughey, and I didn’t think anyone could make that claim.

I will have more on this event, including my conversations with Betsy McCaughey and Congressman Scott Garret, both tomorrow and Monday.

Those promises went unfulfilled also. Committeeman Eichmann did not post anything on the forum or on his conversations with McCaughey or Garrett the next day or on the following Monday. As of the time this goes live, he has yet to fulfill any of his promises – although he did recently find time to attack the Bayshore Tea Party…again.

Well, there is no other way to say this – Committeeman Eichmann sucks at blogging. At least he sucks at “live” blogging. In this case, he wrote nothing of interest and made promises he couldn’t or wouldn’t fulfill. Don’t get me wrong, there are other posts with Committeeman Eichmann’s name on them that do rise above the level of a writer with only a tenth-grade education – but I don’t believe Committeeman Eichmann actually wrote them. These other posts may be up around the level of an average middle-school pupil – something Bill Winkler might be able to pawn off on Committeeman Eichmann.

A competent blog report about the Paramus Health Care forum can be found here.

Here is a picture from the Steve Malzberg talk radio site, showing Republican State Committeeman Eichmann enjoying himself at the forum.

In the foreground, Mr Malzberg (left) and Congressman Scott Garrett (right) apparently are unaware of the good time Committeeman Eichmann (behind them) appears to be having as he gazes at them.

Come to think of it: shouldn’t his adoring live blogger fans be upset that Committeeman Eichmann was not where he should have been at that time: live blogging the conference? What was the important matter at hand that made it necessary for Committeeman Eichmann go to the back of the room and leave his live adoring blogging fans so unceremoniously?

No wonder Michael Illions claimed that Committeeman Eichmann was treated like a leper at State Committee meetings. If he takes his Committeeman responsibilities as seriously as his blogging responsibilities, no one should be surprised that he was – and probably still is – shunned.

But the key point is not the Committeeman Eichmann has no useful talent or that he has the attention span of a gnat. The point is not that he allows himself to be used to the extent that he makes a rank and file Obamabot seem like a radically independent thinker.

The key point is that Committeeman Eichmann is just not that important. If he faded from the scene today, some other toady would no doubt pop up and do Steve Lonegan’s bidding. You can tell a lot about an “activist” by the kinds of people he surrounds himself with.

Committeeman Eichmann does not seem embarrassed by his bloggus interruptus at the Health Care Forum or his unfulfilled promises to finish what he started or his unfulfilled promises to share his “great interview” with McCaughey or his interview with Congressman Garret.

Not content with all these failures, Committeeman Eichmann starts off his September 19 CNJ post by accusing me, Dana Pearson, of being a pen name for Gene Hoyas. That is, of course, incorrect. Sure, the Bull Dog may need to do some editorial fine tuning on my posts, but he does not author or originate them.

Committeeman Eichmann’s September 19 CNJ post is titled “Eugene Hoyas – Spray Paint Salesman”. I happen to know that Gene has had a meaningful business career that did not involve selling anything – let alone spray paint. But even if he did, so what? It’s an honest living.

I mean what, exactly, does Committeeman Eichmann do for a living? According to LinkedIn,  Robert Eichmann is an independent agent for AFLAC. And being an independent agent for AFLAC does not necessarily mean Committeeman Eichmann is a glorified telemarketer – in spite of whatever everybody else might think. Maybe he’s just a telemarketer and not glorified at all.

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4 Responses to Rob Eichmann, Telemarketer

  1. HeleneH says:

    That photo is hysterical.

    • hehehe says:

      Actually he looks kinda creepy in the photo. No, no, I take that back, he looks a lot creepy.

      I didn’t realize AFLAC sold snake oil.

  2. truther says:

    What exactly is Eichmann doing with his hands in the background? I would not want that guy around my kids. Yikes!

  3. Nadia says:

    I saw that picture and all I could think was……………ewwwwwwwwwwwwww