Rob Eichmann: Cynical Race-Baiter Extraordinaire

While it may come as a chilly comfort in these troubled days for the Conservative Movement in New Jersey, the fact remains that a lying weasel will eventually be hoist with his own petard. In many cases it may be later than sooner, but the day eventually comes when the scoundrel gets his comeuppance and the truth prevails.

In the present case, the dramatis persona is a one man show hosted by none other than the court jester of the Republican State Committee and stooge of the CLC, Rob “Rockin’ Robbo” Eichmann, who last year suddenly became a crusader against racism in the GOP when he issued the so-called “Racism Report” that claims to document horrific instances of racism “among certain groups and websites in New Jersey” that was presented during the September meeting of the GOP State Committee.

In an April 18 article posted at CNJ, Eichmann discussed the upcoming meeting of the Republican State Committee scheduled for April 30 and wrote the following:

The “Report-to-the-Members” first discussed at last September’s New Jersey Republican State Committee meeting will be updated for the members.  As the defeat of Barack Obama and Robert Menendez are the orders of business for Republicans in New Jersey, this updated report will provide insight into groups, web sites, and individuals who are thwarting these goals through their affinity for racist or violent rhetoric.

For those who missed it, here is Eichmann’s account of the September proceedings (emphasis added):

As my colleagues entered the meeting room last night they were handed a copy of a report, titled “report-to-the-members”. Their reaction to the report was one of astonishment as many members could be seen reacting in horror to what it contained.

The report documents vile and repugnant racial stereotypes and use of violent rhetoric by certain groups and web sites in New Jersey.  During the “New Business” portion of the meeting I made a motion that in light of the “report-to-the-members” that was distributed we should vote to re-affirm our very strong stand against racism and the use of racial stereotypes in any form.  The Republican State Committee had faced a similar situation in 2007, and was unanimous and strong in their condemnation of that incident.  I am happy to say that last night was no different, as the resolution regarding racism was re-affirmed in a unanimous vote by the State Committee.

Since the release of that report to Republicans across New Jersey, it is quickly becoming known as “The Racism Report“.  As conservatives, and as Republicans, it is important to always take a strong stand and make a statement against racial stereotyping and violent rhetoric in political discourse.  I am proud to say that the Republican State Committee did just that, and did it unanimously last night.

In the course of a recent e-mail exchange with Bader Qarmout, a conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Eichmann amplified his account in an e-mail transmission dated March 28 (emphasis added):

I have attached my “Report To The Members” (The Racism Report) which was presented to the Republican State Committee last September.  As you can see, it very clearly provides examples of racist rhetoric, among other objectionable material.  There is no question that your erstwhile spokesperson, Mr. Hoyas, posted; in the opinion of the Republican State Committee and others, racist and objectionable material.  Here are the questions I would like you to answer:  Do you agree or disagree that the image that your spokesman, Mr. Hoyas, posted on his web site is racist?  In your opinion should this be part of political discourse?

This report so horrified and alarmed the committee, that unanimously we passed a resolution.  That resolution, among other things, made it very clear that no Republican candidates would have anything to do with persons associated with or operating/running these types of web sites.  It went on to say that as Republicans, we abhor racism.

On March 30 Qarmout responded:

I took the time read your “racism report” along with the article you posted about it on the Conservative New Jersey website. I also read Gene’s response to your article along with subsequent articles he wrote on this controversy. I can find nothing racist in what he has written or the photo that accompanied the article reflected the subject matter of the post. It was not Gene who called Mr. Obama a “Mac Daddy,” but Pastor Manning. I don’t understand how you can arrive at the conclusion that Gene Hoyas is a racist and his site dedicated to racism on the basis of this single post.

You asked me the following question: “Why as a “conservative republican” are you supporting a racist web site?” It’s a loaded question, but I’ll give you an answer: I’m not supporting a racist website because I do not believe that Gene Hoyas is a racist.

However, if you can produce a copy of the official minutes of the meeting verifying any of your claims – specifically, that your report was officially recognized by the State Committee, that its vote was predicated on the substance of your report and that Gene Hoyas was singled out by name, then I will immediately and publicly repudiate Gene Hoyas and his website.

On April 3, Eichmann doubled down (emphasis added):

The actions of the State Committee are public record.  Everyone there knows exactly what we were condemning, it was the actions of the individuals in the report.  (Not surprisingly, you weren’t there)  That is what we condemned.  Without the report there would have been no action.

Here is what we know thus far according to Eichmann:

  1. The members of the State Committee were “horrified and alarmed” by what they read in the report;
  2. Eichmann made a motion calling for the committee to condemn racism based on the actions of the individuals in the report;
  3. In the opinion of the State Committee, the material posted by Gene Hoyas on his website was “racist and objectionable;”
  4. A resolution was passed condemning the actions of the individuals cited in the report as racist and objectionable;
  5. Without the report, there would have been no action.

As it happens, I have in my possession a copy of the minutes of the September meeting of the GOP State Committee.

The only reference to racism may be found under “New Business:”

That’s it, folks. There is no mention of the horrifying and alarming “Racism Report,” Gene Hoyas or anything he has posted on his website. What you do see is a motion to re-affirm a motion made four years previously.

Fortunately, I know a State Committeeman who was present at that meeting. He is a conservative Republican of unimpeachable character; I recently sent him a snippet from Committeeman Eichmann’s article that referenced the “Racism Report” and the vote taken by the committee on the racism issue and we subsequently discussed the matter in detail.

In order to fully appreciate the nuance of this story, the reader needs to understand the relationship between the NJGOP and Rob Eichmann. Many members of the State Committee – including conservatives – regard him as an oddball and a renegade: for example, when Governor Christie nominated Samuel Raia as the  chairman of the State Committee, Eichmann nominated his own candidate to oppose Raia. He lost, of course.

Later, in an article posted at CNJ, Eichmann whined

I was willing to give the new chairman a chance to show that he was responsive to the grassroots Republicans in New Jersey.  He has instead ignored repeated phone calls from a committee member, and chosen not to answer e-mails sent to him.  What message does that send to those that want to support not only the Governor but our party?

Is there any difference now from when Corzine was running our state?

In spite of all this embarrassing nonsense, Eichmann does serve a purpose for the GOP Establishment: he makes the conservative wing of the Republican Party look like whackadoo wingnuts even as he does his level best to destroy Movement Conservatism from within. (No surprise that he worked as a “volunteer” for State Senator Mike Doherty – who is now a county campaign manager for RINO Congressman Leonard Lance.)

Now for the meeting itself: according to my source, Eichmann handed out the report to each of the members before the meeting began. Most of them tucked it into their pockets or valises without even reading it and instead concentrated on the official meeting agenda that was packed with action items – none of which included Eichmann’s report. He did not recall seeing expressions of horror – although he did hear occasional laughter.

But…if this report was of such vital importance to the well-being of the NJ GOP, why wasn’t it entered into the official minutes of the meeting?

Here is what actually happened: shortly before making his motion, Committeeman Eichmann announced that he had earlier handed out a report to the committee members and asked if everyone had received a copy. When Eichmann attempted to link the report to his motion, Chairman Raia stopped him in his tracks – not once but TWICE – and declared emphatically to the members that the motion was not related to any specific issue or individual.

All the State Committee did was reaffirm a previous motion in a routine vote that had absolutely nothing to do with Eichmann’s contrived “Racism Report.”

If the State Committee – which forms the backbone of the Republican Party in New Jersey – refuses to take Eichmann or his “Racism Report” seriously, why should anyone else? Or are we to now assume that the entire GOP State Committee is racist and the only anti-racism crusader remaining in the Republican Party is…Rob Eichmann? Seriously?

To ask the question is to answer it with gales of laughter: for Eichmann, opposing real-world racism – the kind that actually hurts and even kills people -  is not an end but a means to an end. While it certainly is tempting to assume that Eichmann believes all pimps are black men – a belief that makes him suspect as a racist by his own standard – I’m not sure he really is a racist or that the issue of racism even matters to a noisome political hack who uses the race card as a weapon to bludgeon his political enemies (a tactic usually employed by Democrats and Alinskyite liberals).

Eichmann couldn’t care any less about real-world racism today than he did a year or five years ago. And that’s what makes his contrived drama not so much ironic as utterly despicable.

Anti-racist conscience of the GOP? Hardly. Rob Eichmann is a cynically mendacious fraud and when the dust from this little contretemps finally settles, he’ll be the only Republican race-baiter left standing.

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  1. Christian123 says:


  2. hehehe says:

    Hear, hear!

    In the photo, it seems Herr Eishmann has misplaced his cattle prod?

  3. TP109 says:

    My close contact with a state committeeman also confirms:
    1. Eichmann is a joke amongst most committee members
    2. His “report” was distributed and of course not taken seriously, and never again to surface as a serious document.
    3. Besides being a caricature he is generally disliked.

  4. Christian123 says:

    My Moniker was used on a liar’s site to make it sound like I was supporting that site and it’s lies. Please be assured IT WAS NOT ME! and just another lame attempt for them to make it seem as though people are reading his blog. Pathetic sad Eichmann.

    • hehehe says:

      …as well as my moniker. Apparently some origonal thought is needed on that fib web-site. I’m honored actually. Must have struck a nerve.

      “Shocking!” Lol!