Richard Zeundt, Meet Rob Eichmann

These are sad times indeed when Conservative New Jersey – a website that once claimed to be the hub of conservatism in the Garden State – is now reduced to a parochial, self-contradicting, Jacobin puppet show, where Punch and Judy alternately support and condemn the same candidate for political office. Case in point is former Highlands Mayor Anna Little, who presently seeks the GOP nomination to run against incumbent U.S. Representative Frank Pallone in the 6th Congressional district.

You might recall that in 2010, with the considerable assistance of the Bayshore Tea Party group, Ms. Little narrowly defeated Diane Gooch in the GOP primary. She went on to challenge Congressman Pallone in the November contest but lost by a significant margin.

These days, after having abandoned her initial intention to challenge Robert Menendez  for his seat in the U.S. Senate, Ms. Little has decided that she will, instead, face Frank Pallone yet again.

Unfortunately, there is a fly in this electoral ointment: another contender by the name of Ernesto Cullari has emerged and garnered the endorsement of the Monmouth County GOP, a turn of events that has Rob Eichmann – CNJ’s resident Jacobin Clown Extraordinaire – in a complete snit:

Cullari, who was recruited by the Bayshore Tea Party Group, is an Asbury Park businessman and columnist for the triCityNews. Little, a former Monmouth County Freeholder and Mayor of Highlands, defeated Diane Gooch, owner of the Two River Times and Monmouth GOP Vice Chair in the GOP primary in 2010. She went on to be defeated by incumbent Democrat Congressman Frank Pallone, in a relatively close contest.

Anna Little was the Tea Party movement’s bright spot in the 2010 primaries. I don’t want to speculate why some in the movement have turned against her and treated her in the shabby way they have. Suffice to say that there is a lot of petty jealousy within the movement.

In my estimation, Anna Little has earned the right to challenge Frank Pallone again. The race she ran in 2010 was Pallone’s toughest fight. She built up some good name ID, a volunteer base, and a core of contributors. She is the natural challenger for 2012.

True to form, Eichmann is long on opinion and short on facts: for one thing, Cullari was not “recruited” by the Bayshore Tea Party group. According to Barbara Gonzalez, co-founder of the organization,

Cullari was brought to our attention by Charles Measley, who brought him to the office a few days before to say hello and ask if he could address our  group.  Of course, we said yes. He came and spoke (Anna Little was present) and that’s it.  No more than that.  No recruiting, no endorsing. Anna is invited to come next week and address the group as well.

Ernesto did appear at the office yesterday to see us off to DC.  He is obviously trying to get familiar with the group, but so far there is no indication of him being “the one”.

For another, the margin of Ms. Little’s defeat was anything but “relatively close:” she lost to Pallone by a margin of 55% to 43% and even lost in her own home town of Highlands.

Nevertheless, in spite of Ms. Little’s margin of defeat and recent abortive overture for the U.S. Senate, Rob Eichmann believes she’s “the natural challenger for 2012.”

I can’t help but wonder what CNJ honcho Richard Zeundt must be thinking. After all, it was Zeundt who, a little over 4 months ago,  suggested that Ms. Little run for “class president:”

The little RINO kewpie doll Anna Little announced on Friday that she was considering running for the United States Senate against Bobby Menendez.  To do this, she would also have to run in a primary since two other candidates are likely to run for the same position on the Republican ticket.  All of this makes one wonder, “how can anyone take Anna Little serious anymore”.

Anna Little for those who need a little reminder was the person who used the Tea Party members to help her register an upset victory over the Republican leadership candidate in the 6th district, Diane Gooch.  She allowed those Tea Party members to think that she was actually a conservative, when in fact she turned her back on the conservative movement in order to nuzzle up to Chris Christie and the other mainstream RINOs in New Jersey.

Needless to say, the reader is left wondering just where CNJ stands on the matter of Anna Little’s candidacy for Congress: Does Rich Zeundt still consider her a “RINO kewpie doll” worthy, at most, of election only as class president or has a sudden metanoia triggered an about-face?

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