Return of the Mad Max Chronicles

It was the mildest of winters that I can remember – one that saw only a powder-dusting of snow and freakishly high sustained temperatures. With just a week left until the vernal equinox and the arrival of cosmological spring, the thoughts of most dog lovers – especially those with pooches that compete in AKC-sanctioned shows – are focused like laser beams on warmer weather and gaudy ribbons.

For her part, the lovely and ever-gracious Nicole is ramping up the diet, exercise and training routine for Cordell’s Maximus of County Line – known affectionately to my faithful readers as Max the Wonder Dog (or Frankenpooch). As for me, I’m getting the camera ready for another year of the Mad Max Chronicles.

For those who missed the series last year, I offer all of the videos in chronological order:

Max figures out the secret of the child-proof gate

Max makes his first real dog show debut in Salisbury, Maryland

Max and his cousin Belle go lure coursing

A remarkable day, Part 1: Max and Belle and Gia…Oh My!

A remarkable day, Part 2: Meet Stubby McDachsund

A remarkable day, Part 3: Paige the teenager runs the lure course

A remarkable day, Part 4: Meet Kanuk – the wolf/dog

Max appears at the Allentown Dog Show, Part 1

Max appears at the Allentown Dog Show, Part 2

Max appears at the Allentown Dog Show, Part 3

Stay tuned for the first 2012 installment of the Mad Max Chronicles.

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