Refuting Idiocy – Part 2

I began to dissect the following checklist of Obama accomplishments in Part 1 of this multi-part series. I say “multi-part” because I’m still unsure as to the number of postings it’s going to take to respond to these falsehoods, misrepresentations, and fantasies laid out below.


  1. Got Osama Bin Laden – CHECK (answered in Part 1)
  2. Unemployment rate down to 8.5% – CHECK (answered in Part 1)
  3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help – CHECK
  4. 22 months of job and economic growth with no GOP help – CHECK
  5. Ended war in Iraq – CHECK
  6. DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) repealed- CHECK
  7. Not one tax hike in 3 years – CHECK
  8. By merely being smart, dignified, calm, cool, and Black, brought out spoken and unspoken RACISM in the GOP – CHECK
  9. Still carries 80+% of the black vote – CHECK
  10. Same wife for 15 years with NO extra marital affairs – CHECK
  11. Can flat out sing – CHECK
  12. Saved the auto industry and 1.5 million jobs – CHECK
  13. Assisted in ousting Ghaddafi – CHECK
  14. Only active President to receive Nobel Peace Prize while in office – CHECK
  15. Mortgage modification to prevent homeowners from losing their homes – CHECK
  16. STILL fighting for middle class families – CHECK
  17. Reformed affordable healthcare – CHECK
  18. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help – CHECK
  19. 22 months of job and economic growth with no GOP help – CHECK

We might as well lump numbers three and four together for the sake of time and brain cells.

22 months of job and economic growth resulting in 1.6 million new jobs with no GOP help – CHECK

Those 1.6 million jobs created in 2011 are accurate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but what about the hemorrhaging of jobs  since this man became president? How about the millions of people who have just given up looking for employment and left the work force altogether? How about the 46 million people now on food stamps? This president has a pitiful record when it comes to jobs, yet he’s been running an ad touting his success as a job creator.

This should put things in perspective:

The claims made by Obama and his administration are misleading and an egregious misrepresenation of reality. But then again, Barack Obama and his administration live in non-reality. The funniest part of this whole thing – and yes it is funny – is that the Republicans are portrayed as the ones who are blocking job creation and “holding the country hostage.” Nevermind the fact that Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for almost two years of Obama’s first term before losing the House in November 2010. Disregard the fact that they still control the Senate. They’ve been in control but its those pesky Republicans who continue to block the recovery. House Republicans and Senate minority Republicans to be exact. These are Obama’s culprits: the ”Do-Nothing Congress.”

Ended war in Iraq – CHECK

Translation: Obama pandered to his base in the biggest way possible. He made their near-decade-long Democrat wet dream a reality. He ended that dirty, rotten war that Bush started and got our troops out before Christmas. The timing and staging of it all was pathetic. Most Americans sought an end to this war but not on a timetable connected to political expediency. Iraq is not secure from a military or security standpoint but Obama had political brownie points in mind – pure and simple. As he was out touting the removal of our troops from Iraq, chaos was unfolding in Baghdad. I have many friends who served in the Middle East and I attended college with many veterans. I know the sacrifices they made. And what about the thousands of patriots who lost their lives? What about the ones who never made it back? These things are of little consequence to Obama. The president had no concern for conditions on the ground. He never sought a worthwhile  resolution to the war. He simply wanted us out.

Why? Because he never wanted us over there in the first place. Nothing changes that fact. He can go to Fort Bragg and speak highly of our military and the operations in Iraq, but anyone with half a brain knows he never sought American victory, he has not the slightest shred of respect for our Armed Forces and he stood in opposition to this war from the start (a long with the rest of his party). He saw a political opportunity and scored big time with countless leftists – to the detriment of our soldiers. All the progress made in Iraq was squandered in favor of votes and for the opportunity to spike the political football.

DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) repealed- CHECK

This was another long-standing pet peeve of the American Left and, like the Iraq War, Obama made sure that another opportunity for political gain was not lost. As glowingly reported by the Huffington Post, “The Senate voted 65-31…to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, defeating a 17-year policy of banning gay and lesbian service members from serving openly in the military.” What exactly does this do for the country or our military. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We’re on the verge of economic catastrophe, but fear not, gays can now serve openly in the military. Happy days are here again.

Not one tax hike in 3 years – CHECK

When I started writing my response to this list, I thought that maybe some details would need to be provided in response to these claims, but the further I work down the list, the more absurd these accomplishments get. This president IS a walking tax hike and the biggest hike of them all is lurking just around the corner. Peter Roff, at U.S. News and World Report, wrote this on January 21:

As the nonpartisan Americans for Tax Reform puts it, “There are three great waves of tax increases threatening families and small employers in January 2013. On top of rising income tax rates, four additional Obamacare tax hikes will kick into full gear.”

According to ATR the first involves the expiration of the temporary tax relief Congress put in place in 2001 and 2003 leading to an increase in marginal income tax rates for all Americans who pay income taxes and for many small businesses:

The 10 percent bracket rises to a new and expanded 15 percent
The 25 percent bracket rises to 28 percent
The 28 percent bracket rises to 31 percent
The 33 percent bracket rises to 36 percent
The 35 percent bracket rises to 39.6 percent

These will be accompanied by higher taxes on married couples and families, an increase in the federal death tax and higher taxes on savings and investments as the capital gains and dividends taxes—which are both taxes paid on money that has already been taxed once—also increase.

The second wave, ATR says, involves the 20 new or higher taxes in Obamacare, some of which have already gone into effect like the “tanning tax.”

The third wave will be an explosion in the number of Americans hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax, which may go as high as 28.5 million from the current 4 million as well as higher taxes on the U.S. business sector that is still struggle to get up off the mat.

So what was that about no tax hikes?

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