Power Outage & Flu Update

It looks like Gov. Christie will deserve my congratulations for what appears to be a promise fulfilled: earlier this week he assured Garden State residents that 95% of households affected by the Halloween Weekend Storm would have their power restored by late Thursday evening. Sure enough, a crew of lineman and several trucks from a power company in North Carolina showed up late this morning and got to work repairing the damage all along my street.

I endured the worst of the flu last night and early into this morning, as a strong fever did its best to evict the “Occupy Bulldog” virus.

I would say that I’m up to 80% capacity and expect to¬† be back in fine blogging form for tomorrow and the weekend.

In gratitude for the 16-hour days these lineman are putting in to get New Jersey up and running again, I dedicate this Glen Campbell classic:

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One Response to Power Outage & Flu Update

  1. HeleneH says:

    I am glad you are feeling better & that you have electric.