Overnight Open Thread

“My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.” — Author Unknown

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  1. Frank Jack Fiamingo says:

    Hi Everyone. I am no one in particular. Like so many other conservative Americans, I am looking for ways to restore and preserve the America I have come to love and believe in. I will cop to being more than a bit naive. I am not a professional politician. If I had my way, there wouldn’t even be any such thing as a career politician. However, we live in the real world and we must work within the boundaries of what is.

    That being the case, we have a unique opportunity to make some changes that will directly change how we live in the state on New Jersey. This November the entire New Jersey Legislature is up for election. Right now is the time to ask yourself the question “Am I happy with the representation I am receiving in my district”? If the answer is yes, then relax, sit back, read the paper and enjoy some time with your family. If you are like most people in New Jersey, you are overtaxed, underrepresented and virtually ignored. As long as you continue to quietly pay your outrageous property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and hidden taxes – such as inflated drug, health care and insurance costs, those in power will be happy to continue to take advantage of you.

    Nothing would make the establishment happier than to see people like us fighting among overselves instead of spending our precious time, talent and resources working to find them other employment opportunities. I have no intention of trying to sort out who did what to whom. “He started it” is not the proper response from a rational adult. Are those of you who are “standing on “principles” willing to continue to stand in the “People’s Socialist Republic of New Jersey” or is it more important to save our state and country FIRST and sort out our differences later?

    I cannot answer these questions for anyone but myself. However, I *AM* asking for a two weeks “cease fire” from all concerned. Those of you who do happen to know me are probably aware that my primary interest is in promoting the Second Amendment to the Constitution. I am not running for office. I am not seeking to prove one side right or another side wrong. I am simply asking that we *ALL* drop the in-fighting for two weeks and concentrate of saving the state.

    How we do that is by presenting the best conservative candidates we can come up with and giving the reasons why we believe that they will be good representatives of conservative ideals. I KNOW – WHAT A CONCEPT!

    TWO WEEKS. It is already the end of September. We have *NO* time left to lose. How can we NOT see this?

    OK, that is all I have to say. Thank you.

    Frank Jack Fiamingo

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      I am simply asking that we *ALL* drop the in-fighting for two weeks and concentrate of saving the state.

      Funny you should raise this issue, Frank. Look for my post on this subject at 9 AM tomorrow (Sept. 23).

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