Out of All Bad, Some Good Things Come

In the Spanish of the Cuban upper crust – whence Gloria Estefan derives her lineage – the operative phrase for this delightful song is “No hay mal que por bien no venga,” from her hugely successful 1993 album Mi Tierra (My Homeland).

Our love was an ardent passion,
A radiant light that filled my sensitive heart.
It’s not possible, inconceivable
That this flame has gone out
Perhaps it was all an illusion on both our parts
So nothing’s lost, in the end you taught me to love
In your arms I lived so many nights filled with pleasure
And if time and distance finally help us to forget

One day we’ll love again.
My beloved love, our love was
An ardent passion
That transformed our souls but now is gone.
Wherever you go, I wish you the best
May you be happy, happy, goodbye.
Out of all bad, some good things come.

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