Oops! I Did It Again.

It never fails – and for one of the very reasons Nicole said was necessary for her to marry me: I would, quite literally, misplace my own head were it not attached to my body and then forget where I left it. (A rather odd metaphor, if one thinks about it for a moment, since the head would be doing the forgetting while the body would be wandering about aimlessly. But I digress).

Because I forgot to properly renew the registration for my domain name, I suffered the ignominy of this site going off-line for the better part of a day and a half.

For those unfamiliar with the blogosphere, there are two parts to every website: the actual site itself and the domain name that identifies it. In many cases, each resides in a different place – that is to say, with a different vendor.

The website itself resides on a server which can be independently owned by the operator of the website (very rare) or what is known as a web-hosting company such as HostGator, to which the owner/operator of the website pays a yearly fee.

The domain name (in this case, genehoyas.com) is registered with a company such as GoDaddy, where the exclusivity of the name is maintained in exchange for an annual fee.

In both cases, if the fee is not paid on or before a certain date, the site is automatically “parked” off-line until such time as the owner/operator ponies up and pays the bill.

In my case, absent-mindedness was punished with a brief exile to reality. It won’t happen again.

Elsewhere in the world of Bulldog, I intend to become a more active blogger now that I’m adjusting to married life. Bear in mind that for three years I was pretty much alone and therefore had only work and blogging on my mind. Hell, from July of 2008 until February of 2011 it was nothing but blogging. Now there is work and a new wife to compete for my attention.

Not to worry…I’ll get back into the swing of things and by the end of the week, the Bulldog will be barking loudly and biting deeply.

Thanks for your patience.

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One Response to Oops! I Did It Again.

  1. kenny says:

    just don’t bite the hand that feeds you. :)