Of Newt, Tuxedos and Brown Shoes

I remember watching Johnny Carson on the Tonight show years ago.  After finishing his stand-up routine, comedian Lonesome George Gobel sat down next to Carson. For those of you unfamiliar with “Lonesome George”, as he was called, George was around 60 years old, with a brush cut and a face like a basset hound.On the couch next to him sat three Hollywood legends: Bob Hope, John Wayne, and Dean Martin. George looked down the couch at the three titans of the silver screen sitting there, paused for just the right amount of time, grinned at the camera and said:

Did you ever feel like the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?

Going into the Republican primary today in Florida, Newt Gingrich must feel that way.

This past week, the former House Speaker was the object of an unbelievably intense attack by the Main Stream Media, any Democrat who could get close to a microphone and, of course, Mitt “The Legacy” Romney.

And it’s continuing even as I write this blog.  According to MSNBC:

Calling himself “the legitimate heir to the Reagan movement,” Newt Gingrich recently cited a 1995 speech by Nancy Reagan in which the former First Lady said that her husband “passed on the torch” to him.

“In 1995, Nancy Reagan at the Goldwater Institute was very generous,” Gingrich told voters in Florida on Sunday. “And she said ‘Just as Barry gave the torch to Ronny, Ronny has passed on the torch to Newt.’”

But as NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports, Gingrich appears to be taking that comment out of context.

Sources close to Nancy Reagan said the speech itself was written by the host at the Goldwater Organization – where Mrs. Reagan delivered the remarks – and that she was referring generally to Congress and not specifically to the former Speaker, Mitchell reported on her MSNBC program.

Gingrich’s claim that he was a key figure in the Reagan revolution in 1980s is “patently false,” added Al Hunt, executive editor of Bloomberg News, during an appearance on Mitchell’s show.

Hunt said that Reagan biographer Lou Cannon has contended that Gingrich had nothing to do with the “Reagan Revolution.”

“He was a backbencher. Lou’s not even sure Reagan knew who Gingrich was,” Hunt said.

Hunt painted a stark contrast between “can-do optimist” Reagan and Gingrich, whose appeal derives from being able to “attack Democrats better than anybody.”

“I think they are quite different people. And certainly at a minimum, the Speaker’s claims — or his latter-day Reaganism — are exaggerated” Hunt added.

So, what was Newt doing while this “story” broke?  He was out campaigning with MICHAEL REAGAN, who has enthusiastically endorsed his campaign.

Meanwhile “The Legacy” – gracious human being that he is – was not out attacking Obama and explaining all the great things he’s going to do if he wins the Republican nomination and somehow beats the incumbent. (Assuming Obama doesn’t bring up the whole “rich guy” thing or *shudder* Romneycare.)

Nope.  He was making fun of Gingrich:

A confident Mitt Romney solidified his lead in Florida polls and ridiculed Republican rival Newt Gingrich on Monday, calling his opponent’s attacks “sad” and “painfully revealing” the day before the state’s crucial presidential primary.

Romney’s self-assuredness was on full display during a campaign tour that felt at times like a victory lap, with the front-runner telling a crowd of 2,000 in Dunedin, Florida: “With a turnout like this I got a feeling we might win tomorrow.”

Romney has a double-digit lead in most polls in the state, where he said voters responded to his more aggressive criticism over the past week of Gingrich’s work for mortgage giant Freddie Mac, his ethics probe and his resignation as U.S. House of Representatives speaker.

“There’s no question that politics ain’t bean bags, and we have made sure that our message is out loud and clear,” Romney said on NBC’s “Today” show.

Gingrich, hit hard last week by a more aggressive Romney strategy, branded his rival as a party insider and elite friend of Wall Street while pledging to stay in the presidential race for the long haul no matter what the outcome in Florida.

“On big philosophical issues, he is for all practical purposes a liberal and I am a conservative and that’s what this fight is going to be about all the way to the convention,” he said of Romney on “CBS This Morning.”

Romney shrugged off the continued Gingrich attacks, drawing cheers from the crowd when he said Gingrich was not doing too well and had been “flailing about.”

“I know, it’s sad isn’t it?” Romney said, calling it “painfully revealing” and adding: “You’ve just gotta shake your head.”

Funny.  Mitt didn’t deny he was a Liberal, did he?

There’s a reason that Establishment Republicans, the Democrats and the Main Stream Media have gone out of their way to destroy Newt Gingrich:

By their actions they are telling you whom they fear.

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One Response to Of Newt, Tuxedos and Brown Shoes

  1. josephine says:

    I feel that way too. I feel like they broke in line and grabbed by package.
    The media is running our party race. The money and the media and they keep calling us the “populous” In my mind that sounds like a socialist type word. I thought that we were citizens. Equal to each other. They are also labeling all of the conservatives as Tea Party and saying it in an oh so subtle negative way.
    What is really bothering me and I don’t mean to say anything to offend, I just want to say how I see it.
    Romney has been down there for a year.(The media keeps saying that Newt is late getting to Fl.)
    His support comes from “citizens” from the north,many pension holders and more moderate than I am.
    All or most of the retired seniors voted early.
    All moderates from NY probably have their residence in Fl.
    He bought the Florida GOP and the Atty General and maybe the Sec. of State and they have pushed this primary up thinking Romney would have won Iowa and possibly SC and NH and thinking that this would seal the deal.
    He has Charlie Black , the adviser for War Lords in Somalia as an adviser for him.
    Charlie Black also spent the year of 2011 lobbying Congress. Then he joined Romney’s campaign.
    Colin Powell is one of his advisers. Turncoat
    Norm Coleman,another adviser, says Romney will not get rid of Obamacare.
    Money is ok, but the question is will the winner of the nomination , not only beat Romney, will he represent himself or the citizens when he goes to Washington.
    I also liked Johnny Carson when he wore his turbin and predicted the answers!