No Justice at the DOJ

During the Constitutional Convention, many of our Founders – most distinctly, the Anti-Federalists – were extremely cautious of, if not completely opposed to, the formation of a powerful central government under the Constitution. There were those who feared that too much centralized authority or the swelling of that authority over time would render the states powerless and eventually lead to some form of totalitarian government. Even supporters of the Constitution knew the inherent risks involved with the establishment of federalism. They knew that Constitutional Republicanism could only work amongst people of virtue – elected official and citizen alike.

They also recognized, that if virtuous individuals were not elected to higher office, that the fragile balance of powers would fall out of alignment and lead to tyranny.

We are now seeing those fears come to fruition. Undesirable politicians have been around since the country began. So has corruption in all its various forms. But one could argue that, never before, have we seen such a conglomeration of radicals and cronies under one commander-in-chief. Not since Woodrow Wilson has there been a president and administration with greater disdain for the Constitution, Republicanism, and this country as founded. Progressivism has survived for over 100 years in our political discourse – biding its time for the right set of people. “We are the ones we have been waiting for”, said Barack Obama in 2008. More accurately, he’s the one progressivism has been waiting for.

Under this administration we have seen federal power used as a bullying tactic against the states on a variety of issues from immigration to “right to work” legislation. Several states, in particular, are now under assault from Eric Holder’s Justice Department, specifically, with regard to voter identification laws – Texas being the most recent. South Carolina was the first to suffer the wrath of the DOJ for its “discriminatory” legislation, but Texas is the latest target in the “war” on the states:

…In January, Texas officials sued U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, seeking a court judgment that the state’s recently enacted voter ID law was not discriminatory in purpose or effect.

As a state with a history of voter discrimination, Texas is required under section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to get advance approval of voting changes from either the Justice Department or the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

In a letter to Texas officials that was also filed in the court case in Washington, the Justice Department said Hispanic voters in Texas are more than twice as likely than non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver’s license or personal state-issued photo ID. The department said that even the lowest estimates showed about half of Hispanic registered voters lack such identification.

Can states no longer operate without the hand of the federal government blocking legislation at every turn? Any state has the right to require photo identification at the polls and for that matter, why is this even an issue? It’s an issue because the modern-day Democrat party is not above using voter fraud as a way to win elections. They don’t want their constituents showing ID. This is why they vehemently oppose such legislation and it’s why the Justice Department is hounding states such as South Carolina and Texas. If voter fraud isn’t the end game, then what’s the problem? Go and get an ID just like everyone else. There’s not an affordability issue here. In most states, you can get an ID card for less than $20.00. Mr. Holder and his lackeys tell us that such laws facilitate voter disenfranchisement.

Voters are not being disenfranchised and Mr. Holder knows this. Voter fraud and the accumulation of more federal power are the end game here for the administration. If Mr. Holder was truly concerned about the rights of voters then why did the DOJ drop its case against the New Black Panthers in 2009?

There is no “justice” at the DOJ – just political hacks with grudges and enormous chips on their shoulders.

The electorate has unwillingly – and in some cases willingly – propelled these activists into public office and in turn those elected activists appoint other activists to various positions in government – compounding the problem. Our current leaders in the administration and a great deal of our representatives in Congress are not the virtuous statesmen our Founders had in mind and long-term courting of these individuals will take us down a road that we do not want to go down. It’s a road that will not include any such provision which returns power to the states and, in turn, the people.

We all know the game that’s being played and it’s only fooling the sheep who repeatedly and always will fall for this nonsense. The rest of us are on to it and many more sensible individuals are waking up to it. The jig is up for these statists and they know time is running out.

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