NJGOP Must Secure a Loose Cannon on Its Deck

I’ll say this much for GOP State Committeeman Rob Eichmann: what he lacks in mental horsepower, character, integrity and probity is certainly more than compensated for by his sheer, mindless persistence. Unfortunately, he picked a fight with a blogger who proceeded to administer a severe schooling, after which Committeeman Eichmann desperately appealed his case to the establishment GOP. In so doing, he opened up a political Pandora’s box, unleashing a whirlwind of political harpies that will come back to haunt him – and others – for a long time.

Regular readers will recall Committeeman Eichmann’s opening salvo posted at CNJ on September 7 in which he accused me of racism for posting an article about President Obama that featured an image of the president photoshopped to make him look like  a “mack daddy.” He then proceeded to fret and fuss about how negatively this will impact on the Republican cause in general and the Tea Party movement in particular. It was a spectacularly stupid thing to do, as I explained in my letter to State Committeeman Samuel Raia, reprinted here. I figured that would be the end of it and we’d hear no more from Committeeman Eichmann. I figured wrong. It’s one thing to double down on stupidity and quite another to double down on outright idiocy.

Thus Committeeman Eichmann’s escalation of the conflict in an article posted at CNJ last night:

My letter did not identify any of the websites or blogs, but in response to it, a Tea Party blogger by the name of Eugene Hoyas did post an image much like what I had described, along with some rather demeaning commentary. I understand that he has written to you and to other members of the State Committee, in an attempt to get your endorsement for his use of what are, frankly, racist images.

Not quite. I wrote to Chairman Raia to alert him to Committeeman Eichmann’s appalling hypocrisy regarding his vicious attacks on the Bayshore Tea Party. In so doing, I made no effort to hide the post that has Committeeman Eichmann’s panties in a bunch.

Eugene Hoyas is a silly man whose involvement in politics, up to now, has largely revolved around attending rallies dressed up in Revolutionary War costume and handing out cards proclaiming himself to be a “colonel” when, in fact, he has no military background at all.  His blogging mainly involves calling the people he dislikes names, with a free use of scatological references.

Committeeman Eichmann is a dim-witted  and unscrupulous person (I hesitate to use the word “man”) whose recollection of the year 2009 is strangely selective. Col. Rash had an important place alerting  fellow citizens to the statist threat posed by the Obama administration and the Democrats who support it. That Eichmann would now dismiss this effort is yet another indicator of his abysmal lack of integrity. ‘Nuff said.

More troubling are his threats against elected officials.

Threats? I thought this issue was addressed and answered. Is Committeeman Eichmann so obtuse that he believes I would not address this issue yet again?

Eugene Hoyas is closely aligned with the Bayshore Tea Party Group.  This group is owned and operated by a for-profit corporation called The Dynamic Begins.  Over the past few months, bloggers and newspapers like the Star-Ledger have commented on the group’s unusual behavior.  In response to this criticism, Eugene Hoyas attempted to bully Bayshore’s critics into silence.

Now for the truth: since February of this year, Richard Zeundt, Bill Winkler and Committeeman Eichmann have engaged in a regular and prolonged campaign of slander, libel, defamation and character assassination aimed at the Bayshore Tea Party Group. No one – NO ONE – cared enough to rise up to their defense until I appeared in the blogosphere on July 4.

There is not nearly enough space in this post or patience on the part of the reader for me to once more refute Committeeman Eichmann’s libels and outright lies. The Bayshore Tea Party Group incorporated in order to become a legal entity; it subsequently applied to the IRS for status as both a 501 (c)3 and 501(c)4 organization. In spite of the fact that this matter of reality  – which Chairman Raia will understand immediately – has been explained to Committeeman Eichmann repeatedly, he idiotically insists on repeating the same trope over and over, as if the repetition will somehow give it validity.

When this was unsuccessful, he tried to threaten and intimidate others into bullying Bayshore’s critics into silence.  One target of Hoyas’ attempts was State Senator Mike Doherty (R-23).  In a written email exchange that Eugene Hoyas later published on his blog, Hoyas wrote to Senator Doherty:

“Perhaps you need to be more persuasive. The longer CNJ continues its jihad against Bayshore, the louder I will become. And please don’t be lulled into thinking this is some sort of schoolyard spat. It’s deadly serious and if it isn’t stopped now, the consequences will be nasty on several levels.”

Committeeman Eichmann conveniently neglected to apprise Chairman Raia of the full context of this exchange: I suggested to Mr. Doherty that he apply more pressure to Eichmann and CNJ and assured him that I would not let the issue fade away. I reminded him that this was no trifling matter but a “deadly serious” one that could engender “nasty” consequences. I suppose I could have enumerated them in the body of my e-mail, but I figured they were self-evident.

In any case, for those who have difficulty ascertaining the self-evident with appreciable clarity, here are some of the nasty consequences:

  1. A deepening of the rancor that currently exists between the antagonists and the Bayshore group;
  2. The direct or indirect involvement of the Conservative Leadership Caucus in this controversy;
  3. A serious rift and possible schism in both the Tea Party movement and the conservative movement in New Jersey;
  4. Considerable damage to the brand equity of Lonegan, Doherty and CLC itself as the result of a protracted battle of words that inevitably dredges up the kind of information best left buried in the past;
  5. Full-blown internecine conflict in conservative ranks that would effectively cripple it it as a force of opposition to liberals and Democrats in the state legislature, thereby ensuring a nearly clean sweep of Donks and RINOs in the 2011 and 2012 election cycles.

Any sensible person would agree that the present controversy is deadly serious in terms of the nasty consequential threat it presents to the unity and effectiveness of Movement Conservatism in New Jersey. The full e-mail exchange can be found here.

CNJ has been critical of Bayshore’s odd behavior and I have written there. While Bayshore and CNJ disagree on a number of things, those disagreements should not be used by Eugene Hoyas as a justification for his use of racist images.

Ah, but they were used by Committeeman Eichmann and his cohorts to viciously attack and malign the Bayshore Tea Party in a campaign based entirely on lies, innuendo, insinuation, defamation, libel and character assassination.

Eugene Hoyas jumped at the chance to voluntarily associate himself with these racist images.

Racist? Really? Has Committeeman Eichmann even bothered to read my post? Has he bothered to watch Pastor Manning’s video? Take a moment and watch it:

Pastor Manning is the one who referred to Mr. Obama as a “long-legged Mack Daddy,” an African-American slang term for “pimp.” The photo that accompanied my article was a visual expression of the disdain expressed for Obama by Pastor Manning.

Apparently, Committeeman Eichmann had neither the brains nor the integrity to inform Mr. Raia that Pastor Manning is African-American. So is Mychael Massie – one of America’s foremost conservatives – and it turns out that Massie and Manning are pretty tight. Is Committeeman Eichmann prepared to call either or both of these men racists?

I fear that his letter to you and contact with other State Committee members is only the first step in a campaign of threats and intimidation aimed at making the NJGOP give its approval to the use of racist images by some in the Tea Party.  This is how they work.  Just ask Senator Doherty.

I’m still laughing. Let’s not forget that Rob Eichmann is the Republican State Committeeman from Gloucester County who incorporated the logo of the state GOP into his most recent posts:


The images that Hoyas and his supporters, as well as other web sites and blogs, seek to make a commonplace in our political discourse are direct appeals to racist sentiment.  There simply is no justification for racism – ever – and it is up to responsible people of all parties, colors and creeds to make sure that it does not drag our political process into the gutter.  In addition, we can not allow this racism, implied or overt, to drag down the NJGOP and the State Committee.  For that reason, I look forward to a discussion on this matter at our meeting later this month.

And here is crux of the matter: I’m just a lone blogger sharing his opinions with anyone who cares to read what I write. I speak on no one’s behalf but my own and those who Committeeman Eichmann has libeled and defamed.

Committeeman Eichmann made a point of noting that he forwarded a copy of his correspondence to Ben Jealous of the NAACP. Lest we forget, it was Ben Jealous who slandered the Tea Party movement by accusing their members of racism:

Perhaps this slipped Committeeman Eichmann’s mind. Then again, perhaps he agrees with Ben Jealous when it comes to the Tea Party movement: his repeated defamation of conscientious, patriotic members of the Tea Party movement in the Garden State lends credence to that charge.

Unfortunately, Committeeman Eichmann apparently believes he speaks on behalf of the Republican State Committee and the NJGOP itself. That is certainly the impression he gives and it raises several questions for Chairman Raia and the members of the Republican State Committee:

  • Do you want this loose cannon representing what you believe?
  • Do you approve of his defamation of the Bayshore Tea Party – and, by extension, the entire Tea Party movement in New Jersey?
  • Do you honestly believe that Committeeman Eichmann’s actions over the past few months will improve relations between the Tea Party movement and the state GOP?
  • Most importantly: Do you want this coming back to haunt the GOP during next year’s primary?

I will be presenting these and other questions to Samuel Raia today in an e-mail that will not be made public. Meanwhile, on every occasion that Committeeman Eichmann posts his rubbish I will drape it like a millstone around the neck of the NJGOP.

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5 Responses to NJGOP Must Secure a Loose Cannon on Its Deck

  1. dloosend says:

    Mr Raia should recieve multiple letters imo

  2. The most damaging thing is that the NAACP was copied by Eichmann. Do you think they kept it to themselves.

    Barbara Gonzalez has already reported vandalism of Bayshore Tea Party’s headquarters. I am sure there will be more.

    Eichmann has opened a Pandora’s box. He will be responsible if there is serious vandalism or if someone is hurt. There will be Hell to pay.

  3. HeleneH says:

    The senator must like really bitter ice cream.

  4. Kenny says:

    The Senator should have never forwarded his private emails to anyone. The Senator should have stopped his underling from continuing on this rampage, a long time ago. This underling is in this mire, way over his head.

  5. TP109 says:

    IMHO Sen. Mikey has had enough time to stop this. Therefore he wants it. Noted for his temper flares, his raging ego has outstripped his ability, and combined with a dose of arrogance and narcissism, Mikey believes he can gain something from all this. Widening knowledge of his silent assent in all the attacks has some TP groups, North, Central and South, declining to have him speak at their meetings. And in the meanwhile AFP Steve sits silent and still hoping to be the king of all TPs. Won’t happen ever… And why is Bill Eames and his Morris Patriots sitting quietly in all this. Speak up Bill…are you not the self-labeled TEA Party Republican. Time to speak out and support your fellow TP groups or say you support Eichmann. Be brave. A time to choose.