Mychal Massie and the Mack Daddy Meme

In a blog post published just a couple of days before the infamous Denaly Racist E-mail scandal became a hot topic here in the Garden State, uber-conservative Mychal Massie unloaded both metaphorical barrels at Barack Hussein Obama, the object of his ideological ire since before the 2008 election. In this particular rant, titled “Obama continues to live large,” Massie fires a broadside at the hypocrisy of a Man-Child president who insists that his subjects tighten their belts while he loosens his.

Although I’m posting the full article here, I urge readers to visit Massie’s blog and register there to partake of his wisdom.

We’ve got some president. America, stand up and give him a cheer. Clinton may have felt our pain, this guy wants us to know how great his life is on the taxpayers dole. No shame, just straight up in our face – “y’all suffer while I live large at your expense.”

Thousands of unemployed spent the night lined up, dressed in their best business attire, in sweltering heat and humidity, waiting for a job fair to open. Unemployment numbers are up, the stock market is crashing through the floor, the misery index is surging toward infinity, polls show people have little if any faith in this administration, but Obama’s not worried – no sir.

His three day luxury bus tour was so exhausting, coming as it did on the heels of his mini-vacation at the presidential retreat Camp David – that he is now forced to take a luxury vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

So with plans to play golf today, he and the Mrs. “I finally found a reason to be proud of America” flew his and her presidential jets to the Vineyard arriving just hours apart – at an additional cost of tens of thousands if not more to taxpayers for her trip, personal staff, and personal motorcade. But who’s sweating the small stuff?

He arrived at the $50,000 per-week vacation home in Air Force One with two helicopter convoys, a motorcade of 10 plus vehicles, an army of staff to attend to their every need including the kitchen and house keeping staff, secret service, and members of his administrative staff.

Giving credit where credit is due, he did take time out for the pretend to be working obligatory photo-op with his national security person (probably to find out what those terrorist white guys Napolitano warned about, are up to). Then it was off to a bookstore where he bought his children $32 in books, telling the salesclerk he only uses the credit card maybe (gasp) three times a year.

But not to worry, he’ll be back in a couple weeks, when he promises to give a major policy speech outlining how he is going to solve the jobs/unemployment crisis. I kinda’ think he should have attended to the unemployment situation long before now – but hey, how long does it take to say raise taxes, increase spending, and we must share in the sacrifice?

And the photo that Massie chose to accompany his post? Someone tell Rob Eichmann to reach for the digitalis:

OH NOES! Think of it as Barry-O meets P-Diddy meets Flava-Flav – courtesy of Mychal Massie…that awful African-American conservative.

Exit question: Will Committeeman Eichmann double down on idiocy and compile “Racism Report: The Sequel” in which he informs the known political world of Mychal Massie’s horrifying racist proclivities OR will he realize that he’s been played for a fool and return to his spider hole?

For what it’s worth, my bookie in Vegas is giving 7 to 1 odds that Boy Blunder will double down. Place your bets, my friends.

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2 Responses to Mychal Massie and the Mack Daddy Meme

  1. dloosend says:

    And those damn TP’ers only like Cain to hide their racism.
    (and the knish is still a coward)

  2. Barb says:

    That was a great article and Mychal is a great American…as far as the bet goes…hmmm, I will pass.