My Rhodesian Ridgeback is Better Than Yours

Not long ago I introduced you to Cordell’s Maximus of County line, a freakishly intelligent and preternaturally strong Rhodesian Ridgeback who figured out how to open up a childproof gate and lower an electric-powered car window.

Nicole is pleased to report that Max continues to grow in both strength and smarts at an astonishing rate: at almost 5 months of age, he weighs 56 lbs. and stands 24 inches tall at the shoulder. I’m pleased to report that he routinely stalks the house cats and frequently catches each of them (strictly catch and release, of course).

You can see that, even at his tender age, he’s a powerfully built pooch with excellent bone structure. We plan to introduce him to the dog show world sometime in November and have every reason to believe he’ll turn a lot of heads.

Here he is resting his head on Gia in a picture taken by Nicole a short while ago today:

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One Response to My Rhodesian Ridgeback is Better Than Yours

  1. firesign58 says:

    A gorgeous canine. He shows every sign of being an impressive competitor. Please keep us posted on his training and progress at the shows.