Mulshine’s Yarnballs for Crazy Uncle Ron

I can’t think of any image funnier – or more preposterous – than a man of advancing years (and increasingly hoary appearance, if his latest pic is any indicator) gushing like a giddy schoolboy over his ideological idol. Thus the recent interview of Texas Congressman Ron Paul by Star-Ledger columnist, conservo-gnostic crank and hack “journalist” Paul Mulshine, who could have thrown baseballs – or even softballs – but chose instead to lob soft, fluffy yarnballs in the direction of everyone’s favorite familial lunatic. Birds of a feather, dontcha know.

While the interview must be read in its entirety for the fawning sycophancy to be fully appreciated, I’ll take this opportunity to share some of the truly precious exchanges with my readers:

Ron Paul  was in Trenton last week and I interviewed him as he traveled to and from the Mercer Airport.

To AND from? By any chance, did Mulshine volunteer to be Paul’s chauffeur?

Q: Do you think radio talk show people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin fear that you’re making them obsolete because your views reveal them as the statists they are?

A: I think that if I gain influence it’s an embarrassment to them because they’re not really limited-government people yet they make their livelihood fooling the people into thinking they’re the real leaders of limited government. And when you look at it we find out that they haven’t been. Look at Bush’s eight years. The budget exploded.

I suspect that Mulshine experienced an involuntarily orgasm when he heard this. “Woo Hoo!” he must have thought to himself, “Ron Paul shares the same bitter, envious hatred of Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin as I do!

In reality-world, it’s more likely that Dr. Paul is familiar with Limbaugh, may have heard of Hannity and probably never heard of Mark Levin – all of whom are fundamentally in agreement with much of Dr. Paul’s domestic agenda (although the details are subject to debate) while all of them oppose Dr. Paul’s military and foreign policy agenda which, charitably speaking, is batsh*t crazy.

Q: Just how much should we cut the military budget?

A: I think actually if we followed a completely different foreign policy you could probably defend this country quite adequately with a third of what we spend. Now that’s not going to happen overnight, but you could cut a third and nothing would happen. The best place for people to go and look and find out how much you could cut is after World War II. The military was slashed and taxes were slashed and that was finally when we got out of the Depression.

Someone on Dr. Paul’s staff needs to explain that we are no longer  living in the year 1946. To be sure, the military budget was slashed – but that was because World War II was over. However, in just two years, the Cold War would begin and with it, defense expenditures. Today we dwell in a world threatened by global Jihad; Dr. Paul continues to dwell in a world threatened by Adolph Hitler.

Q: On foreign policy, I saw that YouTube clip of the Ben Stein debate where he accused you of being anti-Semitic just for wanting to get out of the Mideast. How often do you hear that sort of thing?

A: That was the worst one. That was the worst episode. I got annoyed with myself because I got a little annoyed with him.

Believe it or not, the exchange with Ben Stein was the extent of Mulshine’s exploration of Ron Paul’s foreign policy agenda. And so I’m left wondering: has Mulshine banished himself to his own private Egypt, where Denial is more than just a river?

Has he ever intellectually grappled with Dr. Paul’s insistence that the war in Iraq is illegal? How does he square with Dr. Paul’s shrugging acceptance of a nuclear-armed Iran? Oh wait…that’s right, Mulshine agrees with Crazy Uncle Ron.

Does he also agree with Ron Paul’s suggestion that the death of Anwar al-Awlaki was nothing more than the orchestrated assassination of an American citizen and therefore grounds for impeachment?

And what of Sen. Mike Doherty’s recent endorsement of Dr. Paul? Will Mulshine sing the praises of Doherty’s wisdom and political acumen or will he wisely say nothing and hope that Tea Party Republicans overlook this monumental blunder?

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2 Responses to Mulshine’s Yarnballs for Crazy Uncle Ron

  1. UCTP says:

    Iraq Afghanistan, and Libya are ALL illegal wars. The power to declare war rests with Congress. These three were initiated by executive action. The perpetrators of 911 were predominantly Saudis, yet we never heard the war drums beating to go to war with Saudi Arabia. Iraq had nothing to do with 911 and posed no threat to the USA. Al Qaeda moves from country to country. The appropriate way to fight them would be to send a Special Forces team to dog them from country to country. Let’s see, we went to war with Afghanistan, but gave Pakistan $12 billion. Where is the logic? GWOT needs to be fought with Letters of Marque, similar to how we fought the Barbary Pirates. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is spot on. Cui bono? Defense contractors and fans of liberty reduction and government expansion – my personal, humble, albeit very well-informed opinion.