Mr. Qarmout and the Mysterious Mr. Ellman

Not satisfied with having been smacked down repeatedly by both the facts and the logical conclusions drawn from them in the matter of Bader Qarmout’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate, GOP State Committeeman Rob Eichmann pops back up like that annoying bopping Bozo clown toy, determined to wring at least a drop of vindication out of an attack that left him with egg on his face.

Writing through his campaign blogger, Bader Qarmout issued another denial that he had done anything wrong when he sold contraband cigarettes from his convenience store, that made his customers sick.

The fact remains that Lorillard abandoned its pursuit of the case, which was ultimately DISMISSED.

But you have to wonder what’s up when, from the very first sentence, the Qarmout campaign leaves out an important detail.

In this case, the Qarmout campaign omitted one of the defendants in the case filed against Bader Qarmout in federal court. Yes, in addition to Bader Qarmout and Lewis Qarmout, there was a third co-defendant, Kenneth Ellman.

Why would the Qarmout campaign omit such an important detail? It is possible that the Qarmout campaign blogger never even read the documents related to the case. After all, the Qarmout campaign is a document-free zone. They never let documentation get in the way of a line of bullshit.

The mysterious Mr. Ellman – who is NOT licensed to practice law – assisted in the Qarmout brothers’ legal defense, but in order for him to represent them pro se in court, it was necessary to include him as one of the defendants.

The more likely answer is that Bader Qarmout and his campaign just lied. They lied because they don’t want you to know about Mr. Ellman, a former close friend and business associate, who is now letting the world know all about this so-called “conservative leader”.

Ah yes…the Ellman Files – dated March 25 of this year – wherein the Mysterious Mr. Ellman declares that Bader Qarmout is (1) an avowed anti-Semite; (2) a businessman who knowingly sold counterfeit tobacco products; (3) a rapacious landlord who pocketed a tenant’s rent payment but tried to evict the tenant for failure to pay rent and finally (4) being the brother of Anwar Qarmout, who was convicted of selling illegal narcotics out of his Q&S convenience store.

On the face of it, some pretty damaging stuff…on the face of it. But peel an onion and you will find layer after layer- in this case, each darker than the one that preceded it. Given Eichmann’s history of distortion, selective factual redaction and outright mendacity, one can be confident that the “line of bullshit” comes from his direction, not mine.

It might have been a better thing for Mr. Ellman if Rob Eichmann never brought up his name for the simple reason that, as usual, there is another side to this story – one that doesn’t reflect well on Mr. Ellman, whose character and veracity are brought into serious question not by me or by Qarmout but by…his own son, Blake.

The following e-mail was sent by Blake Ellman to Bader Qarmout on March 26:

From: Blake Ellman <[redacted]>
Date: March 26, 2012 10:26:04 AM EDT
To: Anwar Qarmout <[redacted]>
Subject: RE: Kenneth Ellman Opinion

It’s really very sad. I guess considering how he has treated his family throughout his life I should not be surprised when he turns vindictive against people he used to consider his friends.

The strange thing is, I know he really used to consider you a close friend. However I suppose it was always a friend on his terms. Once he could no longer get what he wanted out of you, and you refused to play by “his rules” he decide to turn against you and destroy all the years of friendship.

About five to six years ago when I reached my breaking point with him. I asked him “are you happy”, “do you enjoy living your life this way”, “is this really working for you”? His only response was, “that’s all I know”. He did not even seem to know how to change. I guess that was really it for me. I decided I was not longer going to be dragged down with him. He is going to die a sad, lonely, isolated old man; all because of the choices he has made. I wonder if he is going to look back on his life and wish he had done things differently, or if in the end he will just keep insisting that he is an island of sanity and reason in a world that is crazy and out to get him.


And the matter of Qarmout’s alleged anti-Semitism? Blake responded in a subsequent e-mail:

From: Blake Ellman <[redacted]>
Date: Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 10:30 AM
Subject: RE: Nice talking to you
To: Bader Qarmout <[redacted]>


It was good to see you yesterday. I don’t know why my Father has “targeted you”, but I have given up trying to figure out why he does anything. I know he was good friends with your brother Anwar for many years and he always spoke kindly about him and your extended family. My impression was that they were almost like brothers and spent a huge amount of time together over many years. If he really thought you or Anwar, or anyone else in your family had such strong anti-Semitic feelings I don’t know why he would have associated with all of you for so many years. There is no way for me know what is truly in you or Anwar’s heart, but I have certainly never personally experienced any feeling of anti-Semitism, racism, or anything like  that from you or anyone in your family.

The Israeli – Palestinian issue is a complex issue and cannot be simply distilled into being Pro-Israel or Pro-Hamas (even though some people would like to do so). Many Jews struggle over the issue of how to best protect and ensure a Jewish state of Israel while still maintaining democratic values and not denigrating into a police state with two different tiers of citizens (those who are Jewish, and those who are not). It saddens me to see the long term cycle of violence, it just feeds into the extremists and helps them to build their power.  I can only hope that someday we will see right blend of leadership, courage, and sacrifice so that all the people in that region can live in peace. If it could happen in Northern Ireland, it could happen in Israel.

I wish you the best of luck in your senate campaign, and I hope you will be successful in promoting a message of hope and peace between the Arab & Jewish world instead of one of continued violence, hate, and fear.


Blake Ellman may have been referencing a blog post Qarmout published on the pages of Red County, a conservative website that features contributions from such conservative luminaries as Michelle Malkin. Apparently, in the eyes of a Jacobin such as Eichmann, the mere expression of hope that Israelis and Palestinians can reconcile their differences without resorting to violence automatically equates with anti-Semitism.

The rest of Mr. Ellman’s  allegations will be dealt with in due course.

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