Mr. Qarmout and the Case of the Pesky Lawn Signs

CNJ contributing blogger and Jacobin Clown Extraordinaire Rob Eichmann – whose cannibalistic attacks on conservative individuals and groups who do not comport themselves to his twisted vision of “true” conservatism – is at it again. This time, the object of Der Eichmeister’s latest Alinskyite assault is U.S. Senate candidate Bader Qarmout, a political newcomer and challenger to the candidacy of Joltin’ Joe Kyrillos for the GOP nomination who Rockin’ Robbie apparently believes is only marginally less evil than Lucifer.

Hence Eichmann’s liberal use of Alinksy Rule #12:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

It should be noted at the time of this writing that Eichmann has yet to actually converse one-on-one on the phone with Mr. Qarmout. Any blogger with integrity would instinctively have picked up the phone and spoken directly with the source. It’s the first rule of responsible journalism for any serious political blogger – but not for Eichmann. Then again, Saul Alinsky  has no rule for seeking the truth.

The Case of the Pesky Lawn Signs

Right out of the gate, Eichmann attacks Qarmout because the latter’s campaign signs are being deployed well over 60 days before primary day.

In the small towns and boroughs that make up Sussex County, that limit is generally 30 days before an election and a period afterwards to remove and collect the signs.

True. But most municipalities also have more pressing issues than the odd political lawn sign that shows up here and there ahead of the 30-day period. If the municipality wishes to deal with the matter in an official capacity, it sends a letter to the campaign ordering it to remove the offending signs within a certain period (usually 7 days).

As a matter of practicality, however, municipalities will simply remove the signs if they are deployed in great numbers and place them near the town dumpster where it is assumed the campaign will retrieve them for redeployment. To deny this is to deny the reality that exists in most of the more than 500 municipalities throughout New Jersey, and while it might offend Der Eichmeister’s twisted sensibilities of right and wrong, it is what it is.

Candidates of all political parties obey these laws, because they love their communities and respect the wishes of their neighbors. Well, most candidates do.

Somebody hand me a barf bag: the bullsh*t Eichmann is shoveling is piled too high for me to keep supper down. The fact is that FEW candidates of any political persuasion obey these laws – and for a very good reason. If Eichmann can’t figure that reason out, he doesn’t belong in politics.

Perhaps David Larsen can school him:

Yes, I realize this photo was taken at a roundabout in Somerset County and not in Sussex County. But the point is made and to judge the personal integrity and conservative credentials of a candidate for office on criteria as trivial and flimsy as this beggars belief – unless you realize that the bony finger of accusation belongs to Rob Eichmann who, before the candidacy of Bader Qarmout, never uttered a peep of complaint about the premature deployment of political lawn signs, just as he never uttered a peep about the scourge of racism – until it became politically expedient to do so.

Qarmout is the “bad neighbor” candidate. He doesn’t care if he trashes up public roads with his cheap advertising because “it’s about him”.

The truth of the matter is that the overwhelming percentage of Qarmout’s lawn signs are on PRIVATE property; only a tiny number found their way to public property thanks to the efforts of zealous supporters. The Qarmout campaign has yet to receive a single letter of complaint from any municipality in Sussex County – or any other county – nor is it aware that any of the signs have been removed.

Apparently, the only one whose panties are in a twist over this is…Rockin’Robbo and it’s a sure bet his high moral dudgeon comes not from an overabundance of rectitude or personal integrity but an acute absence of both: time and again over the course of the past year, Eichmann has demonstrated that he will say and do anything to destroy those he deems enemies.

Qarmout doesn’t care if he is breaking the law because he is solipsistic to the point where nobody matters but him and what he wants.

And Eichmann knows this…how? I’ll tell you: he doesn’t, because he has yet to actually speak with Bader Qarmout. What we are seeing here is Rob Eichmann channeling Saul Alinsky.

Very well then: I wonder if Der Eichmeister has ever driven his car over the posted speed limit or driven his car after having one too many beers. If so, he has not only broken the law but endangered the lives of other people. But why should Rob Eichmann care? He’s solipsistic to the point where nobody matters but him and what he wants.

See how easy that is? No wonder Eichmann confuses the politics of personal destruction with impartial vetting: He’s too lazy, too stupid and ultimately too bereft of integrity to understand the difference.

When a high-ranking law enforcement official took the time to personally explain to Qarmout that his signs were placed illegally, Bader Qarmout behaved as if he didn’t understand the English language.

According to Bader Qarmout, this is a flat out lie and a complete fabrication on the part of Eichmann who, curiously, never provided a link to a verifiable source for the statement.

Fair is fair: insofar as Eichmann made the claim that Qarmout was confronted by a “high-ranking law enforcement official,” the onus is on Eichmann to verify this claim. I can tell you with moral certainty that he will not be able to offer a shred of proof for this claim. This alone ought to tell you everything you need to know about Rob Eichmann.

As for the Case of the Pesky Lawn Signs: Rob Eichmann succeeded in creating nothing more than a tempest in a very small tea pot, proving only that he’s less a faithful acolyte of Ronald Reagan than a devoted follower of Saul Alinsky.

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