Max Holds His Own Among the Big Dogs

While it’s true that, in a purely physical sense, Cordell’s Maximus of County Line (aka Max the Wonder Dog, aka Frankenpooch) is as big and – in some cases bigger  – than many adult Ridgebacks, he’s still just a 6 month old puppy. Try to imagine a four year old child in the body of a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and you’ll get some idea of the management issues Nicole faces every day. But her attention and patient training are paying dividends and Max acquitted himself admirably at yesterday’s AKC show in Salisbury, MD.

The drive down sucked as it usually does, and we had to take Route 13 south all the way through Delaware (home of Joe “Gaffemeister JB” Biden, arguably the stupidest human being to have ever become U.S. vice-president) and thence directly into Salisbury.

Monotonous doesn’t begin to describe it and both Nicole and I are prepared to swear on the Bible that we saw the same farm house at least six times. After roughly four hours on the road we arrived at the Civic Center and proceeded to Ring #5, where the Ridgebacks were to be judged.

This was the first time Max took a road trip of this duration and the first time he appeared at an indoor dog show; needless to say, he was a little freaked out. Our biggest worry was that he would buck and jump when the time came for the judge – in this case, Mr. Shelton – to examine his teeth. Fortunately, Judge Shelton is a gracious and patient man and Max responded to his kindness, garnering a First Place ribbon for best puppy dog. Sometime later, he took the Reserve Ribbon, a kind of “second place” award.

The drive home wasn’t as long as I feared it would be. Here’s a brief video recap of my experience at the show:

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2 Responses to Max Holds His Own Among the Big Dogs

  1. CJ FREEDOM says:

    Congrats Max…and you too Nicole…for putting up with that pesky cameraman all day!!

  2. Kenny says:

    Congratulations. So – when does the money start to pour in? :)