Mad Max Chronicles – March 11, 2012

On what turned out to be a spectacularly beautiful day by early afternoon, the lovely and ever-gracious Nicole and I took Max and Gia on a road trip to Colt’s Neck for a morning of lure coursing courtesy of the Performance Canine Association. The event was held for team members, thereby giving plenty of time and opportunity for any pooch willing to make the run around the course. This afternoon and again on Sunday the PCA will conduct lure coursing events for the general public.

We arrived at around 9:30 AM. As far as a mile from the field, the dogs became restless and antsy: they must have sniffed out what was waiting for them. The air was still fairly chilly, with a stiff breeze blowing on and off out of the northwest.

Truth be told, had we known then what we knew at 11 AM, when the breeze died down and the weather became more like late April than early March, we’d have arrived much later than we did.  Nevertheless, a good time was had by all – including Max and Gia.

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