Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, has a problem (just one you ask?):  He’s unloved and in a downward spiral in his presidency that can only be called Jimmy Carter on steroids.

Yesterday just wasn’t a very good day for our boy, Scooter.  It all began with the news that underdog, Republican Bob Turner had won the NY-9 race, and will occupy disgraced Democrat Anthony Wiener’s chair in the House of Representatives. (I sure hope he disinfects it first.)

On the heels of losing that largely Jewish District, Democrat Leaders are desperately working on a strategy to try to convince American Jews that Obama does not hate Israel, in spite of  his words and actions since he became president.

Speaking of Israel, Obama has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and American diplomats trying to stave off a scheduled vote by the United Nations to split Israel in half, in order to give the Palestinians their own country.

Per guardian.co.uk:

The US is leading diplomatic pressure on Israeli and Palestinian leaders in a bid to persuade the parties back to negotiations rather than risk a damaging collision in New York next week. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton is in telephone contact with the three delegations in the region, who are co-ordinating their efforts.

Washington is keen to avoid carrying out a threat to veto a Palestinian request for full membership of the UN, a move likely to further damage America’s already battered reputation in the Middle East, particularly following its strong backing for moves towards self-determination in the region this year.

But some at the heart of the diplomatic manoeuvres [maneuvers] believe that it is now too late to stop the Palestinians taking their case to the UN and are concentrating on damage limitation by seeking a clear position for a return to the negotiation table after the world body meets.

The Palestinians insist that they will not be diverted from making a formal request at the security council for full member status, and that diplomatic interventions have come too late. They claim to be resisting pressure, which included President Obama this week describing their move as “counterproductive”.

…Israeli ministers have threatened retaliatory measures should the Palestinian bid succeed. They include tearing up the Oslo accords, under which the Palestinian Authority was given control of parts of the West Bank and Gaza, annexing the West Bank settlements and withholding tax revenues that Israel collects on behalf of the PA. The US Congress is also threatening to cut off financial aid to the Palestinians.

Continuing Obama’s very bad day, it became quite apparent as the day progressed, that barackobama.com’s newest feature, the page dedicated to turning in mean ol’ Conservatives, titled “Attack Watch”, has become the laughing stock of the internet.

Designed by Obama’s staff to implore Obama’s base to  “Get the Truth.  Fight the Smears,” the web page has been taken over by Conservatives who have bombarded the sight with gloriously snarky Tweets, such as:

I just saw 6 ATM’s in the alley attacking a job, I think it was a hate crime!

While all this was going on, Scooter was on the road again (hey, that sounds like a song cue) feverishly trying to push a jobs bill that nobody wants…including Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, who announced yesterday that if the bill came before the Senate, they would probably not pass it. Later in the day, Reid altered his story during his very first Twitter town hall, saying that he won’t immediately take up Obama’s plan because the Senate must tackle other issues first.  However, Dingy Harry was not specific as to which bills would receive priority over Obama’s Jobs Bill.

Don’t call us, Scooter.  We’ll call you.

Speaking of the president, he made an appearance yesterday in North Carolina.

While he was speaking to the raucous crowd, one fan shouted “I love you, Barack” to Obama and in a canned response left over from his 2008 campaign, he replied “I love you back”.  Then he strayed from the teleprompter (and you know what happens when he does that) and, sounding more like an amorous boyfriend than a sitting president responded:

If you love me, you got to help me pass this bill.

That’s going to be an uphill battle, Scooter. 

Based on a 3 day rolling average, gallup.com shows Obama’s job approval rating holding steady at a dismal 40%, with disapproval at 52%.

That’s what happens when a politician elected by a cult of personality does not achieve the grandiose promises made to those who elected him.

Between a horrible domestic policy, resulting in basically 20% of Americans being unemployed, underemployed, or just plain disgusted and giving up on ever working again, and a foreign policy consisting of apologizing to our enemies and alienating our allies, this out-of-control downward spiral that Obama is experiencing is one of his own making.

He’s been looking for love in all the wrong places.

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One Response to Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

  1. TeaPartyDem says:

    One thing I keep streesing about Barack’s poll numbers. He is at this stage despite the fact the MSM is doing everything they can to prop him up and provide damage control for his administration…….unlike GW Bush, where the media were doing everything in their power to defame him.
    Imagine what Barack’s numbers would be if the MSM were impartial.