Living Rent Free in Their Silly Heads

You know you have finally finished moving into the incredibly spacious and airy mind of Eichmann-Winkler (conservatism’s answer to the Menendez Brothers) when you read a post that forgoes the usual libel and defamation of a Republican candidate for office to concentrate instead on launching a personal attack on you because you had the temerity to demonstrate that Eichmann-Winkler lies and distorts the truth.

Thus the latest CNJ screed that, judging by the both the content and the writing style, was most likely authored by Bill Winkler – aka Wee Willy Winkler – an incompetent and not-terribly-intelligent oppo researcher who continues to stew in the juices of his own resentment because I demonstrated to the world not long ago that he is a stellar mediocrity who fleshes out the Clintonian expression “There is no there there.”

Between the two members of this tragi-comical political team there exists only half a wit and Winkler currently possesses it.

Obviously the Wee One has been burning the midnight oil scouring the internet for something – anything – he can use as a tar brush. I certainly hope he finds better examples than the ones he cited.

The post starts off with the opening paragraphs of an homage to C.S. Lewis and his classic The Screwtape Letters that I wrote 12 years ago and submitted to the New Oxford Review, where it was published in February 2001.The piece purports to be an e-mail from the senior demon of an Infernal marketing department outlining various strategies to accomplish the destruction of Christianity. A dozen years later it’s still an excellent – albeit, somewhat dated – bit of fiction that I will repost at 11 AM.

Obviously the delicate nuance of The Bileworm Memorandum cruised at roughly 35,000 feet over Eichmann-Winkler’s half-witted head. For one thing, they copied and posted only the portion of the article visible in the tease: one must pay $1.50 to access the entire piece. While I like to think that Winkler coughed up the price of accessing an article that only further reminded him of what an utter mediocrity he truly is, odds are better that it was Eichmann – who truly is one of the dullards of the GOP – found a tidbit that confused him and assuming it would reflect poorly on me, couldn’t be bothered to delve any deeper. More is the pity for both of them.

Here is where the irony kicks in: the text that appears in Eichmann-Winkler’s post was lifted from the New Oxford Review without attribution – which means that Eichmann-Winkler has directly violated federal copyright law. Here is a screen cap of the offending post:

But how can this be? Is not Rob Eichmann – the putative author of the post in question – a paragon of propriety whose blameless existence empowers him to become judge, jury and executioner of those who violate the law? And yet, by posting copyrighted material without attribution, Der Eichmeister has…violated the law. Oh my.

Then there is the matter of my “attack” on the sainted Galileo. As usual, the snippet that was inserted in the post is lifted out of its context. Moreover, the text was copied and pasted without source attribution. For all the reader knows, anyone could have written it.

Well…almost anyone. As readers discovered when I ate his lunch over the origin of the Czech Republic’s national motto (Truth Will Prevail), Winkler’s reach for historical accuracy exceeds his grasp by a couple of parsecs.

The Galileo Controversy was a complex, multi-faceted affair with facets and nuances that run far deeper than the shallow, “noble scientist persecuted by the big, bad Church” meme cited by Winkler. Assuming he wishes to educate himself, he can begin his research by reading this excellent overview of the controversy by George Sim Johnston. There he will discover that, as usual, I’m right and he’s wrong. And THAT is what drives Willy completely nuts.

While I won’t bother parsing the rest of their screed – most of it is beneath the dignity of an intelligent response – I do strongly urge you to read the whole Eichmann-Winkler post to better understand what is going on inside THEIR heads.

It ain’t happy and it certainly ain’t healthy. But it explains what happens when self-serving mediocrities and political hacks of dubious integrity hijack Movement Conservatism and then commence a campaign of personal destruction against stalwart conservatives that employs all the tactics and strategies ordinarily employed by the radical Left. It makes me wonder if Eichmann and Winkler are on the Lance and Kyrillos campaign payrolls. If not, they certainly should be, as they are doing a yeoman’s job of clearing the road for the RINO establishment.

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One Response to Living Rent Free in Their Silly Heads

  1. HeleneH says:

    When I read their post yesterday, I thought I had gone Through the Looking Glass.