Larsen Will Remain in the GOP Primary

Is there no end to the Machiavellian machinations of Rob Eichmann – erstwhile tool of Mike “West Point Weasel” Doherty?

To ask the question is to answer it, of course: Eichmann is the quintessential faux conservative and Jacobin Extraordinaire who readily employs the tactics of the Saul Alinsky Left (lies, half-truths and defamation) to achieve political desiderata that, in the real world, have little to do with Conservatism and everything to do with the pragmatism of the ruling RINO elite.  In this case, they have signed onto Leonard Lance’s alleged “Road to Damascus” conversion to Reagan conservatism and are now doing all they can do to ensure he remains in office.

Rockin’ Robbo’s latest howler is a fantasy piece that has Dave Larsen abandoning his campaign to unseat Lance in return for a sojourn as…get ready for this…a Hunterdon County Freeholder.

According to Der Eichmeister,

With Monday’s filing deadline approaching, sources say that the Larsen campaign is seriously considering abandoning the congressional campaign and filing for the Freeholder seat.  An e-mail seeking comment from Larsen was sent late last night and has not been responded to at this time.

According to these sources, the campaign wants to reach out to both Senator Doherty and Steve Lonegan seeking their support for a Freeholder run.

Whoa. Clearly this is major news. I contacted the Larsen campaign and spoke with a source who set the record straight:

We have no idea where Mr. Eichmann obtained this information and can affirm without hesitation that all of it is false. If David Larsen was interested in the Freeholder seat for Hunterdon County, he would have run for that position.

David Larsen is running for Congress, where he believes he can make a difference in America’s future.

There you have it folks – straight from the Larsen campaign.

Apparently, Rockin’ Robbo’s reach for the fantastic has exceeded his pedestrian grasp. Then again, Rob Eichmann is Mike Doherty’s stooge and, by extension,  a useful idiot of the Lance for Congress campaign. He will say and do anything to clear the road for Liberal Lenny – who these days is doing his level best to present himself as a paragon of conservatism.

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One Response to Larsen Will Remain in the GOP Primary

  1. I am Sparticus says:

    “Is there no end to the Machiavellian machinations of Rob Eichmann – erstwhile tool of Mike “West Point Weasel” Doherty?”

    Apparently not, much to the detriment of true conservative principles. Why would he say such a thing, other than to advance the cause of the Lance campaign.

    Five gets you ten that the “vetting” of “Luke fencewalker” Joe Kyrillos is not far behind, followed by their whole hearted endorsement. No integrity whatsoever. And they’ll say “he’s the only one with a chance to win!” Lol!