Kingsjester’s 2012

Hello, 2012!  It sure did take you a long time to get here.  It feels like forever.

But, by God’s Grace, we’re still here, living in the greatest country on His green Earth.

Last night, my bride and I were watching a Gaither program on our local PBS station, that was taped at the Billy Graham Training Center.  The great Rickey Skaggs was on the program and he sang a song that touched my heart.

And I as sat down later and read about this Blog’s accomplishments for 2011, the words hit me right between my eyes:

Somebody’s praying
Somebody’s praying for me
Mighty hands are guiding me
To protect me from what I can’t see
Lord I believe
Lord I believe
Somebody’s praying for me

Angels are watching
I can feel them
Angels are watching over me
There’s many miles ahead ’till I get home
Still I’m safely kept before Your throne
Lord I believe
Lord I believe
Angels are watching over me

Well I’ve walked barren wilderness
Where my pillow was a stone
And I’ve been through the darkest caverns
Where no light had ever shone
Still I went on ’cause there was someone
Who was down on their knees
And Lord I thank you for those people
Praying all this time for me.

Thank you for supporting me this year.  You are my experts, my critics, and, truly, the wind beneath my wings.

Today is my 640th post.  I could not have written a single one without your prayers and support.

As we head toward Election Day, November 6, 2012, I resolve to continue to fight the good fight, to write about the country I love, and the American values that have made her great.

I’m going to keep my chin up.  You do the same.

Now, please click on the following link to see what we have accomplished together in 2011.

I love y’all.  God bless America! – KJ

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2 Responses to Kingsjester’s 2012

  1. josephine says:

    We’re with you Bulldog! God Bless you and all the rest of us!

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      Josephine, I didn’t write this splendid piece: Allen Fitzhugh did. But I appreciate the sentiment nevertheless.