Keeping the Focus on Obama

If you’re getting discouraged with the Republican primary process, I don’t blame you. Between the candidates ripping each other and the collective Left making sure that every issue gets turned on its head and blamed on either congressional Republicans or the GOP presidential field, the current political climate is taxing and aggravating. But we would do well to remind ourselves and others what’s truly at stake in the general election. We can continue our precipitous slide towards statism or we can begin the process of walking it back. Obama’s political defeat will not solve many of our short-term problems, but it will provide much needed relief and prevent us from heading down a path of permanent decline.

So when you’re friend begins telling you about how Romney’s not a conservative, Gingrich is untrustworthy and Santorum has a spotty voting record – point the finger at Obama. We can deal with whatever the GOP field gives us. We can’t deal with four more years of this president. Despite all their flaws, imperfections, records, flip-flops, and questionable voting records, any one of the Republican candidates would be a vast improvement when compared to Barack Hussein Obama.

The focus must remain on Obama, the Democrats, and their record. Harping on our side’s problems is not going to solve much of anything. And make no mistake, our side has its share of problems. It appears that we’re searching for the perfect candidate to run against Obama and unfortunately she’s not running. This isn’t 1980 and we don’t have Ronald Reagan. We have Romney, Santorum and Gingrich.

As most of you know, I feel that Santorum is the best candidate out of this current crop. My original choice was Herman Cain before his campaign was harpooned by the media. They launched their initial salvos and took him out first for reasons I’ve laid out before. In short, he would have funneled off enough of the black vote and possibly split it in half – insuring Obama’s defeat. Michele Bachmann was my next choice, but it seems that her presence in the House is probably more productive at this point. Her leadership is desperately needed there.

Your candidate might still be in the race. He or she might not. They might have never been in it. God knows Ann Coulter and others are probably pining for Chris Christie to ditch Romney’s campaign and announce his own run at the White House. Wishful thinking on their part and frankly, I’m glad he isn’t in the race. We don’t need another moderate. Mitt has that position shored up. Regardless, we must be wary not to buy into the narrative being set by the media.

For weeks on end, we were supposed to be distracted by the income disparities between the candidates, who paid more in taxes, when each candidate was going to release his tax returns, and how many people Mitt Romney had personally put out of work as a member of the new Halliburton – Bain Capital. Now – as Santorum appears poised to take a run at Michigan – we’re supposed to be all up in arms over his “radical” social conservatism, his voting record in the Senate, and how he’s alienating the female vote; not to mention “off-color” comments from one of his top campaign donors, Foster Friess.

We’re supposed to be worrying about all those independents, on-the-fence Democrats, women, and minorities that might run for the hills from Santorum’s “over-the-top” conservatism. The media wants us to believe that Rick Santorum is the problem. Republicans need to be concerned. The entire country needs to be concerned over a Santorum nomination, and God forbid, election. If elected, Santorum would ban all contraception, ban all women from the American workforce, banish them to a kitchen (hopefully where they’re barefoot and pregnant), and declare himself the Papal Overseer of the country. It’s honestly laughable.

The media is pulling out all the stops and they will continue to push whatever narrative will help Obama get re-elected. The focus must be taken off of the Dear Leader. There’s nothing to see here. Let’s not talk about Obamacare, his ever-constant crumpling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, stimulus spending, massive deficits, extra-Constitutional appointments, the potential for an ideological tip to the left on the Supreme Court. No, instead we need to talk about the radical views of Rick Santorum and the appalling comments of Foster Friess. Forget about what Reverend Wright has been saying for decades as Obama sat in that church pew and listened. Obama can’t be held responsible for that. The hypocrisy is so blatant and transparent.

No matter what red herrings the media tries to pull out of their back pocket, they can’t change Obama’s record and they can’t hide his left-wing ideology. But we’ve learned our lesson from 2008. The media aren’t going to expose Barack Obama. That job belongs to us.

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