Joltin’ Joe Kyrillos and the DREAM Act

In my previous post regarding State Senator Joe Kyrillos and the issue of immigration, I noted that Kyrillos’ own campaign website makes no mention whatsoever of his views on legal and illegal immigration – although he gave us a tantalizing glimpse in the course of a brief interview with local TV Drive-Bys when he said that the issue of long-term illegal immigrants should be handled in a “responsible and sensitive” way.

What I didn’t post was a follow-up question from a Hispanic TV reporter that received a very intriguing response:

Reporter: Will you support the DREAM Act if you get elected?

Kyrillos: (unable to hear the question clearly) What’s that?

Reporter: Will you support-

Kyrillos: I’m gonna – there’s a – elements of it, certainly. Sure.

Elements of it. Hmmm….which elements? He never tells us. Nevertheless, what he does tell us is more than enough. As I pointed out my post yesterday:

…logic dictates there are two – and only two – options for dealing with illegal immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for a long period of time: deport them or let them stay. ANY option permitting them stay here while sparing them from criminal prosecution effectively grants them a pardon from deportation, which is a punishment for the crime of entering the U.S. illegally.

A pardon for a crime – whether or not a conviction occurs – is, by definition, amnesty. (Unfortunately for the nature of the immigration debate, the word “amnesty” has become an emotionally-charged buzzword that means “the granting of citizenship to illegal immigrants.”)

…IF he rejects deportation, it follows that, in some cases, he favors a “responsible and sensitive” solution that enables these particular illegal immigrants to remain.

By his own admission, the “responsible and sensitive” solution favored by Mr. Kyrillos involves “elements” of the DREAM Act.

Exit Questions

(a) Which elements of the DREAM Act does Mr. Kyrillos support?

(b) Do any of these elements involve permitting long-term illegal residents to remain?

(c) Has Rockin’ Robbo Eichmann – the Delusional, Self-Appointed Defender of Conservative Integrity – sent the same lengthy set of questions to Joltin’ Joe that he sent to other candidates?

(d) Will Eichmann follow up on this breaking story and demand answers from Kyrillos with the same stridency he demanded answers from Bader Qarmout?

(e) If it turns out that Kyrillos ultimately supports an arrangement that allows illegals to stay and eventually obtain citizenship, will Eichmann trash Kyrillos with the same obsessive ferocity he trashed Bader Qarmout?


(a) Locate the website of any prominent  RINO congresscritter such as John McCain or Lindsay Graham and find out what they support or do not support about the DREAM Act. Chances are that Kyrillos agrees with that position.

(b) I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

(c) Nope. Because he is a Doherty stooge and therefore a part of the Lance re-election team, Eichmann will do everything he can to support the RINO Establishment.

(d) Nope. He’s not interested in the truth. He never was.

(e) Nope. He’ll ignore it and intensify his attacks on Qarmout.

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One Response to Joltin’ Joe Kyrillos and the DREAM Act

  1. firesign58 says:

    Gene, if you can get your hands on that “lengthy set of questions” sent to other candidates, perhaps those questions can be posed by you and/or the public, in the public social media.