Joe Kyrillos and the McCain Playbook

NJ State Senator Joe Kyrillos intends to become the GOP nominee for U.S. Senator from New Jersey and enjoys the full-throated support of Governor Chris Christie – who, in turn, has thrown his support behind Mitt Romney while enjoying the slobbering adulation of  Ann Coulter, ersatz conservative pundit and media whore. What could possibly go wrong?

Gov Chris Christie today formally endorsed his longtime friend and political confidant, state Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R13) for U.S. Senate in what establishment Republican players anticipate will be a general election joust between Kyrillos and incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

The pair worked the hands of voters in a Route 22 diner before addressing a crowd that included state Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R-21), Union County GOP Chairman Phil Morin and Christie political minder Bill Palatucci.

Christie consistently underscores the challenge presented by the fact that New Jersey contains more registered Democrats than Republicans and faced with that  redoubtable obstacle, he sounded bipartisan power chords.

“Joe Kyrillos is the right man for the U.S. Senate,” said Christie. “I know the things Joe stands for. He stands for good conservative values. He brings great research and knowledge to his decisions, and he has shown that he can work across the aisle. That’s one more thing they need in Washington. …He’s the change we need in Washington.”

If history is any guide, EVERYTHING will go wrong. Commenter “MORRISTHECAT” sums it up perfectly:

The NJ Republican Party has failed to win a US Senate now for 40 years. Since the last reelection of Clifford Case, the GOP has run a collection of empty suits (Pete Dawkins, Dick Zimmer, Doug Forrester), sacrificial lambs (Mary Mochary) and the closest they got was in 1990 when Christy Whitman had the Florio tax hikes and the wind at her back politically against Bill Bradley. The Republicans couldn’t even win a senate in the GOP landslide of 1994!

Kyrillos, like Tom Kean are unvetted campaigners who don’t know how to beat a Democrat. Never in competitive campaigns, if anyone thinks Bob Menendez is going to lose to this guy, I have a piece a property in Florida to sell you…

Count on Kyrillos to lose this November.

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