It’s All About the Campaign, Folks

First things first, as they they say. You cannot govern as President of the United States after a general election unless you are elected by a majority of the voters and the Electors. You cannot be elected unless you declare yourself a candidate and then campaign for that office. That said, let’s put aside for the moment any discussion of how any of the four remaining Republican contenders would govern as President: unless and until the putative nominee emerges victorious on election day, whatever agenda he embraces now is purely academic.

In light of the clear and present danger to the continued existence of this republic posed by Barack Obama and Democrats, the question we face when considering who to vote for in the GOP primary is not how the candidate will govern, but will the candidate defeat Barack Obama?

I’ve raised this issue before in previous articles but it bears repeating: Team Obama will have nearly a billion dollars at its disposal; it will enjoy the full-throated support of the Drive-By Media, which will say and do anything and everything to ensure he is re-elected; the public sector unions and many private sector unions will function as his shock troops; activist organizations such as ACORN will be out in full force and, together with Democrat apparatchiks working in polling precincts nationwide, will engage in vote fraud to a degree never before seen in this nation’s history.

Right out of the gate, the Republican nominee will have the deck stacked against him and the day it becomes clear that he is the nominee, Team Obama will commence a vicious, libelous and unrelentingly brutal campaign of political and personal destruction that will not stop until election day. Every tactic imaginable – including non-stop accusations of racism – will be deployed 24/7. David Axelrod will ensure that no effort is spared to utterly and completely demoralize the Republican base and convince them that Obama’s re-election is inevitable.

In light of the forgoing, it is self-evident that the GOP must fight fire with fire and instead of bringing a gun to the metaphorical gun fight, must be ready, willing and able to deploy tactical nuclear weapons. If I were to compose a job description for the putative nominee, it would read like this:

GOP Seeks Presidential Nominee for 2012 Election

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • A solid grasp and thorough knowledge of pertinent issues
  • The ability to clearly, succinctly and convincingly articulate Reagan Conservatism
  • The ability to energize and inspire confidence in the GOP voter base – particularly the conservatives
  • The ability and willingness to clearly and succinctly articulate the failure of the Obama presidency and the damage it has done to this nation
  • The willingness to polarize Obama and personalize the attack by linking him directly to his failed agenda
  • The willingness to accept that the era of bipartisanship is over and that both Obama and the Democrat Party must be utterly defeated
  • The courage to be just as vicious and nasty as Obama and his re-election campaign

Any candidate who does not manifest ALL of these qualities will most likely be steamrolled by the Obama Attack Machine. In the process, the Republican base will likely be demoralized, support will fall off and Obama will emerge the victor on election day.

On the other hand, the candidate who manifests ALL of these qualities will take the fight directly to Obama’s doorstep and literally get in his face, going toe-to-toe and trading blow for blow in what will be the political equivalent of a street brawl. He will be able to sustain heavy damage while inflicting heavy damage, unmasking Obama and revealing the Man-Child behind the curtain. In so doing, he will energize the Republican base, making them more determined than ever to ensure he is the winner on election day.

At this point in time, the two principal contenders for the nomination are Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. While that could change in a matter weeks, it seems likely that one or other will garner the party’s nod.

The question every Republican primary voter should be pondering every waking hour of every day when deciding between Gingrich or Romney is this:

Which of these two possesses all the qualities necessary to defeat Barack Obama?

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2 Responses to It’s All About the Campaign, Folks

  1. Dana Pearson says:

    I meant to post the following last night:

    I voted for Reagan twice. I voted for Buchanan over Dole and Paul over McCain. I am hardly a liberal or a RINO when it comes to my voting record. Yet, many thoughtful fiscal conservatives can’t stomach Newt’s saber rattling and his ridiculous tax proposal, and consistent social and moral conservatives should be repulsed by his life. BTW, is his 3rd wife always with him like a shadow for a reason?, like she doesn’t trust him out of her sight?, she may be 24 years younger than he is, but it is not a slam dunk that she will be his last wife — the one who will inherit his ill-gotten influence peddling gains.

    Newt is a friggin liberal when it comes to the individual health care mandate, global warming and TARP. On the other hand he is off is rocker with a 0% capital gains tax idea.
    In a few minutes we can all get to see Newt make an asshat out of himself, again.

    Now for my two cents on the Florida primary:

    Newt will win the Florida primary, for one reason only, Sheldon Adelson’s money. If I am wrong and Newt does not win Florida, it is over for him. Romney will still win the overall nomination. I really think it nearly impossible for Newt to actually win the presidency.
    If Newt and Callista do make it all the way, Newt will forget about his pandering promise to Florida Space Coast voters to send 13,000 people to the moon for a permanent moon colony at hundreds of $billions in expense to US taxpayers.

    We are $16 trillion in debt. We can’t afford 0% in capital gains taxes, a war with Iran and a war with China about who dominates the moon. This guy Newt is not tethered to reality.

  2. Gene Hoyas says:

    …consistent social and moral conservatives should be repulsed by his life.

    By that standard, they ought to be repulsed by any repentant sinner, no? If so, then what you are describing are not moral conservatives, but self-righteous Jacobins – you know…the type who once condemned Christ himself because he supped with prostitutes, tax collectors and other low-lifes of the day.

    As best I can tell, Newt presently leads an exemplary and prayerful life nourished by the sacraments of the Catholic Church. Long ago he repented of his sins and has since been absolved of them. Honestly, Dana: when you talk this way, you remind me of the Shaolin novice.

    BTW, is his 3rd wife always with him like a shadow for a reason?, like she doesn’t trust him out of her sight?, she may be 24 years younger than he is, but it is not a slam dunk that she will be his last wife

    And here I am like an idiot, persisting in the belief that only God can read the hearts of men (and women). Now comes Dana Pearson who, apparently, has been granted that charism by the Almighty.

    I like to think that Callista is a consistent companion of her husband because she loves him, enjoys his company and is comfortable in the belief that, at last, she and Newt have found each other.

    These stories of love do exist – even if the road to that soft pasture is a rocky and treacherous one.