Is Willy Losing His Mind – Or Just His Credibility?

In light of the recent ass-kicking I’ve been administering to Bill Winkler – aka Wee Willy Weasel, the Eddie Haskell of New Jersey politics and thinking man’s punching bag -  I suppose I shouldn’t be be perplexed that he repeated a previous post verbatim but with a different title: “I’m a Big Ant, I’m a Really Big Ant, I Am.” But I am perplexed. After I thoroughly schooled the Wee One on the vagaries of Alexa web traffic analytics, a reasonable person would have assumed he’d be hiding in a spider hole by now and licking his wounds.

Nothing doing…the Winkster is doubling down on what appears to be the real message of his post – the one he made sure to emphasize in bold font. In so doing, while he confirms that he isn’t losing his mind, he establishes with ironclad certainty that anyone who hires him as a political consultant or researcher is a bigger idiot than he is.

No matter how you feel about the controversy surrounding Bayshore and its Socialist, we will not know the true fallout until the next time this group announces its support of a candidate, and that candidate ends up on the wrong end of a 30-second spot that has the words “supported by a group that promotes socialism” in it. Countering such an attack would be both difficult and costly – running to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I suppose it will largely depend on whether the attacks are coming from the candidate’s opponents – or from the CNJ zoo crew. Apparently Wee Willy has abandoned checkers in favor of chess: as long as Bayshore refrains from endorsing anyone other than CNJ’s hand-picked candidates, the zoo crew will behave itself. Sounds a lot like a veiled threat.

In that case, perhaps Bayshore ought to throw the full weight of its support behind Mike Doherty in the primary – although the possibility exists that some anonymous agent provocateur sees to it that Doherty’s opponents have links to all of CNJ’s attack posts and that they be sure to remind New Jersey voters that Doherty enjoys the full-throttle support of a “group that promotes socialism.” It could very well cost him the primary and that would be most unfortunate, insofar as “countering such an attack would be both difficult and costly – running to hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Ah, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

That was always the problem with defending having the Socialist to Bayshore’s meeting.

It was never a problem, Willy: a confused teenager did his best to explain an ideology he claimed to embrace but doesn’t fully understand – all the while being deluged with questions and counter-arguments from a crowd that clearly did understand where he was coming from. You can see video footage of the meeting here. And the matter would have faded into oblivion and been completely forgotten but for Rob Eichmann’s decision three months after the event to use it as  cudgel in his unhinged campaign against the Bayshore Tea Party.

The least damaging course would have been to admit it was a mistake and then move on.

The least damaging course would have been for you and Boy Blunder to have refrained from ginning  up the issue into a major controversy. By doing so, you  idiots moved it from the last page to the front page: thanks to CNJ, CWA and the dopey prattling of the Star-Ledger’s pet quasi-conservative, the socialist enjoyed a level of publicity and exposure he otherwise would never have been able to afford. He has said this much on numerous occasions and to this day one can still link to the socialist’s web site by visiting CNJ here. Way to go, fellas!

But to defend it, argue for it, say you would do it again – and then to try to threaten, intimidate, bully anyone who took an opposing view and even those who didn’t want to take sides – this was folly.

Insofar as it was a non-event in which the socialist did more listening than proselytizing, no defense – apart from that directed at the intimidation and bullying dished out from the Jacobins and Know-Nothings at CNJ and CWA – was or is necessary. Moreover, the wisdom of Bayshore’s decision was confirmed by none other than conservative icon David Horowitz - a former socialist.

I realize you have no use for Mr. Horowitz’ opinion and consider him irrelevant to the subject at hand. You’re not alone: so do most liberals, socialists and other statists.

As for those who didn’t want to take sides on this controversy and  either condemn your shameful smear campaign of lies, insinuation and innuendo or at least express support for the Bayshore group, I still urge them to make up their minds about which flavor of ice cream they prefer. Here’s a suggestion: grow a pair of balls and make a decision. It’s what men do – as opposed to weasels, who insist they like both flavors.

So many words have been written in defense of this folly that it will be impossible now to avoid being defined by it.

Here’s the definition: Bayshore confronted the “enemy” and gave him an earful. You and your ilk brayed like the Know-Knothing jackasses you are and ultimately lent a rather substantial platform to the socialist’s cause. To this day and hour, you continue to obsess over what originally was a non-event. The folly is all on your part;  the fallout is landing on your head – and on the heads of the fools who made the mistake of thinking you were smart enough to get away with it.

In the final analysis, the Jacobins and Know-Nothing conservotards are the ones with an image problem: sensible people regard you as a gaggle of unhinged loons. On the other hand, Bayshore is doing just fine – in fact, they recently received a substantial donation from the North New Jersey Tea Party.

And, as we have seen from polling data, very few voters agree with the position taken by Barbara Gonzalez and her supporters.

Ah yes, the bogus poll that still gives knowledgeable people the giggles. You are no Scott Rasmussen, Willy. All you have succeeded in doing is embarrassing those who hired you in the belief that you actually had something positive and useful to offer.  While repeating the Big Lie over and over again may score points with liberals and the crowd over at MSNBC,  it only damages any credibility you have left with any conservative who still has a shred of integrity.

Czech-mate. You lose. Again.

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4 Responses to Is Willy Losing His Mind – Or Just His Credibility?

  1. hehehe says:

    Sweet! Pretty much what everyone’s been thinking. I gave up going to the site to read their crap now, as it’s apparent they have Zero interest in anything even approaching reasonable or credible dialogue with anyone.
    Your call for all to “fish or cut bait” is perfect. Steve “friend of the illegal immigrants” Lonegan, a.k.a “the victim”, ought to come out from under his rock & speak, or as you say, “grow a set.”
    I say let’s do battle. These tards think bullying is an OK practice, I say we all act the fool for awhile & let the chips fall where they may. I’ll be damned if I’d let a two bit crew of perhaps eight sycophants control anything the Tea Party does. Don’t these people realize the reason the Tea Party started was a group of people who had had it with politics as usual?
    Truth be told, they sound kinda creepy/kooky, in Not a good way at all.

  2. TP109 says:

    In short thanks to the Winky Dink, more people now have had access to the Socialist platform, precisely about which they brayed such outrage. Dopey dopey dopey and nobody takes them seriously as they continue to play with the same playmates in their own little sandbox.

    All you have succeeded in doing is embarrassing those who hired you in the belief that you actually had something positive and useful to offer.

    So correct and Wee Willy Winky has done such a poor job in his opposition research, that at least one former client reported they received faulty research and now has crossed him off their list of employables.

  3. Kenny says:

    he’s lost both – site and mind.