Is Romney’s Victory Written in Granite?

Today’s the day. Mitt “The Legacy” Romney is scheduled (yes, I said scheduled) to win today’s Republican Primary in the state which he now calls “home”. has the last minute details:

Mitt Romney’s rivals Monday turned up the heat during the final day of New Hampshire primary campaigning, trying to portray him as a heartless venture capitalist who, as head of Bain Capital, “looted” troubled companies and threw people out of work.

Romney’s campaign countered that it was “puzzling” to see Republicans engaged in “attacks on free enterprise.”

Primary eve was fierce on the campaign trail. It all comes to an end on Tuesday, when an estimated 325,000 Granite Staters are expected to go to the polls, with 250,000 of them expected to vote on the Republican side and 75,000 expected to vote in a Democratic primary in which President Barack Obama is not being contested by a major candidate.

To monitor potential voter election fraud and voting rights abuse issues throughout primary day, U.S. Attorney John P. Kacavas announced the Justice Department has set up a “primary day hotline” (603-491-7078).

Romney, who has led in New Hampshire throughout the campaign, appeared poised to become the first non-incumbent Republican in history to win both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

While trying to stick to the message that has propelled him to his current standing, Romney poured gasoline on the fire over his Bain Capital years by saying in Nashua, “I like to fire people.”

It didn’t matter to one rival or some in the national media that he was not talking about workers and was referring to the ability many Americans have to switch health insurance companies if they are displeased with the service they receive.

By the way, when you go to the home page of The Union Leader’s website, you’re greeted with not only a Romney banner ad on the top, but a Romney ad in the body of the site, as well.

According to The Union Leader, 325,000 are expected to vote today.

Meanwhile, the Republican Candidates whom the citizens of New Hampshire are going to vote for, have not only ignored Reagan’s 11th Commandment, they’ve ripped its heart out and stomped that sucker flat.

The freshly suspended MSNBC Token Conservative, Patrick J. Buchanan, (more on that in a moment) elaborates:

There still exists a possibility that, come Jan. 20, 2013, we could have a Republican Senate and House, and a Republican president.

But there is also a possibility that a Goldwater-Rockefeller-type family bloodletting could sunder the party and kick it all away.

America is bored with Barack Obama. The young and the minorities are still with him but exhibit none of the excitement or enthusiasm of 2008.

Moreover, we have been through three years of 23-25 million unemployed or underemployed. Our national debt is now larger than the national economy, approaching Italian proportions. The class warfare rhetoric is beginning to grate. A huge majority believes the nation is on the wrong course.

Who wants four more years of this?

Democratic hopes for 2012 hence hinge on that party’s ability to portray the Republican alternative as unacceptable if not intolerable. And the Republicans have begun to play into that script.

The GOP field of candidates suddenly seems headed to a finale that will call to mind the last scene of Hamlet, the dead and dying everywhere, but no Fortinbras to restore order in the house.

In the Sunday debate, Jon Huntsman accused Mitt Romney of virtually questioning his patriotism, when Mitt asked how he could serve as Obama’s man in Beijing and be a credible opponent of Obama.

“This nation is divided … because of attitudes like that,” said Huntsman.

Newt Gingrich, who promised in Iowa not to go negative, now calls Mitt a liar. A super-PAC supporting Newt is about to paint Mitt as a Bain Capital corporate predator, a Gordon Gecko whose modus operandi was to swoop down on troubled companies, loot them, fire workers, leave a skeleton crew and move on.

Newt’s bitterness is understandable.

A month ago, he was surging. He had opened up a lead in national polls, moved ahead in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida, and, with the backing of the Manchester Union-Leader, was closing in on Mitt in New Hampshire.

From his crisp debate performances, Newt had steadily risen from his disastrous debut, while one after another of his rivals – Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain – had taken the lead and lost it.

Newt had engineered a spectacular comeback, seemingly peaking at exactly the right moment, only weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Came then the Iowa blitz, round-the-clock air strikes from a Romney super-PAC. Millions were dumped into attack ads portraying Newt as a Beltway bandit who had exploited his speaker’s ties to enrich himself, pocketing $1.6 million from Freddie Mac and millions more from Big Pharma to promote the Bush prescription drug benefit for seniors, the largest unfunded entitlement program of the century.

After weeks of unreturned fire, Newt’s poll numbers had been cut in half. He finished a distant fourth in Iowa. Having come back from the dead once in this primary season, it is hard to see how he resurrects himself a second time, given the depth of his fall, his seemingly uncontrollable anger and the little time he has left.

Five weeks ago, Newt looked like the GOP nominee. Now, his political career seems about over. Hence the desire for revenge. And with his friend Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson dumping $5 million into a super-PAC for Newt, his allies have the resources to exact retribution on Mitt for what Mitt’s friends did to Newt.

And this is only the second primary.

As for Pat Buchanan: he has been suspended indefinitely by MSNBC.  

…he essentially has been absent from the network since the release of his latest book about America’s heritage and history. And MSNBC President Phil Griffin said recently, “When Pat was on his book tour, because of the content of the book, I didn’t think it should be part of the national dialogue much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.”

…The move was stirring an abundance of comment on the web, with the notation from Griffin as recently as this weekend that there was no decision on whether Buchanan would return.

Mediaite’s Frances Martel said the network’s statement was vague, but “The Week” said, “when you read between the lines, it’s rather obvious that he’s through.”

Chapters in Buchanan’s book include: “The End of White America,” and “The Death of Christian America.”

As far as Buchanan is concerned, you lie down with MSNBC dogs, you get fleas.  

Romney should probably take note of Buchanan’s treatment by the folks that he wants to reach across the aisle to, but, he probably won’t.

He’s not a Conservative.

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2 Responses to Is Romney’s Victory Written in Granite?

  1. dloosend says:

    When the alternative to Romney is a group of “occupiers” railing against the rich, how exactly does that help?? There are no winners in a circular firing squad.

  2. Dana Pearson says:

    I voted for Buchanan at least twice. He is way more knowledgeable than any candidate now in the field.

    He signed with MSNBC before MSNBC went totally off the rails. Buchanan had a long career with CNN (since at least the mid-eighties) and was on NBC’s McGloughlin group for a long time — maybe a quarter century?

    Gingrich is a hypocritical twit filled with hubris. Several weeks ago he was complaining that Republican candidate attacks on him were going to weaken the Republican nominee — as of course, Gingrich was going to be the nominee.

    Of the candidates left in the race Perry may be marginally better than Romney. Paul is the worst. Gingrich and Huntsman are better than Paul, but really are not good choices to be the GOP nominee.