Is He Being This Idiotic on Purpose?

Needless to say, I’m speaking of none other than Jacobin Jackwagon and Conservative Cannibal Extraordinaire Dick Zuendt, who has taken upon himself the mission of destroying the candidacy of Newt Gingrich and, by default, ensuring the nomination of Mitt Romney.

In the wake of Newt’s extraordinary surge in popularity among the conservative base of the GOP lately, the latest attack at CNJ leaves me wondering if he really is stupid or if he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face for the sake of boosting his site traffic. Perhaps it’s both.

This time, The Dick turns to the notorious left-wing site ThinkProgress for his ammunition and labels The Newt a flip-flopper for currently opposing a national referendum on drug legalization after previously making it clear that he favored such a referendum. Yikes.

This is just more evidence that the NEWT is nothing but a Flip/Flopping piece of slime who will say whatever he thinks the American people want to hear at that moment.

Definitely a flip-flopper, right? I suppose if the change of heart occurred in the span of a week, a month, a year or possibly even the duration of an election cycle, the charge would certainly have traction. But 16 years? That’s correct, my friends: over a decade and a half ago, Gingrich indicated that he would like to see a national referendum on marijuana legalization – not because he favored it, mind you, but because he opposed it and was confident that 80% of Americans would agree with him and reject the proposition.

Good grief…by that standard, we are obliged to dismiss the Gipper because he was pro-choice while the Governor of California but, mirabile dictu, became an ardent pro-lifer when be began his campaign for the White House. Is Zuendt prepared to argue that Ronald Reagan simply mouthed the words to ensure support from pro-life Americans?

At a town hall gathering last Wednesday, Gingrich said that he opposes the referendum he supported 16 years ago, noting that the U.S. is a republic, not a democracy. He still opposes the legalization of marijuana. Except for a change of heart and perspective over the course of a decade and a half, where precisely is the flip/flop?

Not content with an illogical attack on Newt’s record, The Dick (true to form) goes for a final kick to the groin:

Just like when it comes to honoring his vows in marriage, his personal principles are non-existent.

Spoken like a true Jacobin Pharisee – always prepared to hurl stones at those he deems sinners. Has it ever occurred to him that, at best, life in this world is a messy proposition and that people make mistakes? Sometimes they make horrendous mistakes repeatedly before finally regaining surer footing on more solid moral ground. Shall we dismiss these and consign them to oblivion because they stumbled and fell – despite the fact they have since repented? If this is what Moral Hall Monitor Zuendt truly believes, then I suggest he crack open his copy of the Bible and familiarize himself with Peter’s denial of Christ.

What The Dick doesn’t seem to understand is that Rome is burning and We The People aren’t interested in personal peccadilloes: we want a president who is most likely to make things better than they were four years ago. Now is not the time to foment internecine warfare or engage in conservative cannibalism: Obama MUST be voted out of office and whoever ultimately prevails in the GOP primary must have our total and unwavering support.

Zuendt has done enough damage to the Conservative Movement in New Jersey to understand that his particular brand of toxin is not welcome in this campaign.

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One Response to Is He Being This Idiotic on Purpose?

  1. TP109 says:

    The Dick has always been about… The Dick. When he fronted for Eichmann and The Winky Dink in attacking TEA Parties wherever he could find them, he was acting out his own narcissistic inclinations, hoping that the two aforementioned buffoons would serve his interests in some way. Didn’t work.

    And what is equally incriminating is The Dick’s failure to perform even basic research as demonstrated once again by the above column. His narcissism cares not for the harm done to the Conservative movement in NJ, but only the elevation of …The Dick. The only elevation, however, has been The Dick’s rise in irrelevance.