Independence Day 2012

On this day in 1776 an intrepid group of the most extraordinary men who ever lived formalized the most extraordinary document of its kind ever created in human history – a document that both declared the independence of the United States of America and elegantly summarized the rights of all mankind.

Here we are 236 years later in an even worse condition of servitude than our forefathers: the outrages visited upon us by servants who have now become our masters exceed by orders of magnitude anything the British have done and the patience of American patriots has all but expired and if the present climate continues unabated, it may be the will of Heaven that our republic will face calamities more wasting and distresses far more dreadful than anything we can presently imagine – and these days our imagination need not wander far afield.

The Executive branch of the United States government has arrogated to itself a degree of power beyond anything ever imagined or exercised by King George, where a Man-Child President has determined he will rule by executive order and administrative decree.

The Legislative branch has become a Parliament populated with either corrupt and serviceable villains or feckless and pusillanimous weaklings.

The Judicial branch is in peril of being overrun with jurists more interested in rewriting the Constitution than interpreting it.

The once limited federal government of our ancestors is today a bureaucratic Leviathan – a juggernaut of regulation and control whose abuse of power dwarfs by any measure in our day the over-reaching arrogance of the British government in the days of the Founders and I have no doubt that if he could be made to witness what his American colonies would one day become, King George III would blanch in horror.

If we are unable to stop the mad progress of our own federal government, the day will come when the freedoms we presently take for granted will not survive a new dark age of despotism. We cannot allow this to happen, for chains and slavery will most assuredly be waiting for us when that nightfall descends – and it will not descend with the sudden shock of a light switch being turned off, but rather, in the softness of encroaching twilight – imperceptible to the eye until darkness engulfs all.

The burden of saving this republic has fallen with as much oppressive weight upon our shoulders as the onerous responsibility for creating it fell upon that of the Founders. We are the last hope for liberty and it is incumbent upon us to ensure that it survives. If we do not face the enormity of the task, who will face it? If the decisive blow is not struck now, when – if ever – will it be struck? I assure you that if we have the fortitude of our convictions and the valor to act upon them while the opportunity to peacefully do so still exists, we may yet avert catastrophe.

On the other hand, if fortitude and valor are absent from that field of political battle then ammo up and may God have mercy on us, because an appeal to arms and to Heaven will be the only recourse our generation will have against a Leviathan far more powerful than any tyranny a much earlier generation ever faced.

We are the posterity for whom our ancestors hazarded their all at a great expense of treasure, tears and blood to bequeath the very liberty that is now in dire peril of perishing from the face of the earth. Our generation must decide whether or not we will preserve it for our posterity and ensure they will make a good use of it. If not, a much earlier generation will repent in Heaven that they endured half the pain to obtain it.

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2 Responses to Independence Day 2012

  1. Kurt Epps says:

    Well done!

  2. Barb says:

    I couldn’t wait to read your post today. Thank you….well done.