I’m Somebody Now…the Star-Ledger Says So!

Oscar Wilde once quipped that the only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about. A more contemporary version of this aphorism tells us there is no such thing as bad publicity. Lately, I’m inclined to agree – particularly after heaving a sigh of relief when I finished reading the latest article by Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine. At long last, I got my big media break: he mentioned me by name and actually spelled it correctly.

Last night Paul sent me an e-mail inquiring about a statement I made in a private e-mail to Mike Doherty a couple of weeks ago. Figuring that he was working hard to get to the heart of L’Affair Bayshore, I took the time to craft a detailed explanation and even pored over old e-mails to give him insight into the dispute.

A close read of his article will reveal that he wasn’t interested in the truth so much as another dreary hatchet job and had I known or even suspected this, I’d have spared myself the trouble of a response. But hey…he spelled my name correctly and that’s all the readers need to Google my site.

Better yet, by discussing Pat Noble, Mulshine gave him more publicity than the young socialist ever could have hoped to purchase on his own. If Pat is a truly Noble socialist, he’ll send a bouquet of flowers to both Mulshine and CNJ: without them, he’d still be campaigning in total obscurity.

Best of all, Mulshine finally overcame any professional restraint and embraced his inner hack. In so doing, he will have inspired truly curious readers to do what the Star-Ledger supposedly pays him to do: investigate the matter a little more closely to discover the truth and uncover the lies.

Nicely done, Paul!

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5 Responses to I’m Somebody Now…the Star-Ledger Says So!

  1. Nadia says:

    Paul Moonshine is barely worth the time and energy to comment on. He is an irrelevant dinosaur, in a dying medium. Yawn, on to the more riveting subjects, like the mating habits of the tse tse fly.

  2. Route 46 Overpass says:

    A year or two ago the CWA folks had a candidate forum in Northern NJ. Zuendt posted pictures of it all over the CWA sight. Most candidates were GOP but there was at least one wacky candidate from Hudson County that was either Dem or 3rd party.

    Imagine that! CWA folks and Zuendt with pictures of a non-conservative at a candidate forum — and they even called him a “good sport”. And then they have the chutzpah to criticise Bayshore for letting an eighteen-year old speak.

    Mulshine is worse than MSNBC. He is and was so in the bag for Lonegan. Back in 2005 he wrote a puff piece on how Lonegan was so much a better candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nod than Schundler. The Lonegan-Mulshine thing goes back at least six-years. And then calling a request for $250 to run the air-conditioner and buy cookies and soda “extortion”? Mulshine is a joke.

    Mulshine also mentioned the Sussex County — McHose / Salintri tiff. I hope Salanitri does run against McHose. McHose Littell and her family have been in office too long. 3 generations is a bit much.

    There can be no doubt that Lonegan is behind this whole thing. For what? Because Bayshore didn’t snap to it and jump on his Maxed out bus trip to Chris Smith’s office?

  3. Route 46 Overpass says:

    Also, at the beginning of that article Mulshine reveals himself to be a religious bigot. Maybe that is partly the reason why he slammed Schundller in 2005 in favor of Lonegan. Schundler was an Evangelical Christian but not a Roman Catholic.

    Sussex Tea Party Chair Rose Slaintri founded a non-Roman Catholic Christian High School. Maybe that is the reason Mulshine does not like her Tea Party challenge to McHose Littell, who probably is Roman Catholic. Religious bigotry should have no place in New Jersey politics.

  4. CJ FREEDOM says:

    The whole article is a pitiful display of what corruption can do to a once conservative people. No true patriot would behave so despicably. Its a sad connotation of what has become of the “political process” in America. The “process” has been swallowed up by sniveling hacks…who truly believe they are important. This is the legacy they leave for their offspring…and all future generation. Not a word ever mentioned about elitism and control, about the blindness that the GOP has when it comes to the progressive push to socialism and one world government. Hell….that’s not important. Not in NJ! Not in our government….no…what we all need to focus on is who did some TP group invite to a meeting….Whoa!….that should change the tide in America. Just straighten out those damn Tea Parties…get them back in the good graces of the ever trusted GOP, where everyone lives in Lala Land and all the rest all our troubles will fade into the abyss. Yeah….that’s the ticket.

  5. TP109 says:

    From a respondent in the SL who seems to have been interviewed by Moonie. Captures my sentiments:

    For Mulshine only Rand Paul is an acceptable Conservative and his tirades against Mark Levin, mark Mulshine as a CNJ clone also wanting to be the decider on who should be considered a real Conservative. In fact when you look at M’s writings they are a mirror image of the stuff CNJ puts out. Time for some independent research, Mr M.

    When you talk to Mulshine on the phone he sounds like a nice balanced man, reasonable. Then you read his column, after you are interviewed , and you wonder what happened. The contents of his column are an incomplete and one-sided version of the interview. Then you realize he is simply cherry picks the interview for what supports his beliefs PRIOR to the interview and what CNJ has told him. As in his current column he is now well known for repeating CNJ’s allegations, without proof and refusing to publish rebuttals that are easily available on Gene Hoyas’ Bulldogpundit.com/ But he will not do it, because that would require some balanced reporting, and the option for the readers to decide for themselves once they have read both sides. Mulshine has become the go-to hit man for CNJ and select politicians. His reporting has come to lack credibility.

    Alas Mulshine has been compromised by the GOP establishment and CNJ who are threatened by the TEA Party. And is it not a lame excuse by Doherty that he has no control over his “volunteers.” What if they published a racist narrative on CNJ or elsewhere, would Doherty still remain silent and helpless. I think not. Who really believes that a State Senator has no control over his closest and trusted volunteers? Oh I forgot Mulshine apparently does.