If The Happy Warrior Fades Away, Reagan Will Weep

Over the course of the past month, black America’s answer to the Gipper has endured a relentless siege of innuendo, unproven accusations and outright lies that left him heavily damaged but still alive and kicking and raring to take his campaign all the way to November 2012. In the minds of the DNC this simply would not do and so the assault was kicked up to the next level as Ginger White emerged from the woodwork to announce that she and Herman Cain were involved in an affair for 13 years.

How’s that for a teaser paragraph? It sure raises plenty of questions, not the least of which is: Hey Bulldog, how on earth can you ever compare Herman Cain with Ronald Reagan? The Gipper had extensive political experience before he ran for the office of U.S. President; Herman Cain has none. The Gipper carefully shaped and honed his ideological and political positions on every imaginable subject over the course of decades; Herman Cain has known only the business world and when it comes to politics and government, is a neophyte.

Where, then, is the connection? It lies not within the intellect (although it cannot be disputed that Mr. Cain is an exceptionally intelligent man) but within the heart: like Reagan before him, Cain is a man of integrity, principle and outstanding character whose ebullience and optimism is a lighthouse beacon to a nation blanketed by the fog of neo-malaise. Like Reagan before him, Herman Cain is a Happy Warrior for Movement Conservatism – and there can be no question that the sheer force of his personality together with his probity has captured the hearts and the minds of the Conservative base of the GOP.

Unfortunately, Herman Cain is also a black American – in fact, he’s a far more authentic black American than Barack Obama, whose mother was White and whose black father wasn’t even an American citizen.

This made him a significant and politically lethal threat to the Obama Regime, one that would have to be dispatched – with extreme prejudice. But Cain already knew this and explained as much six months ago in an interview with Byron York of the Washington Examiner:

I asked Cain for his thoughts on this theory of why he appeals to conservative audiences: First, many Republicans have a soft spot for business candidates.  Second, they’re particularly drawn to his plain-talk candidacy because they’re dissatisfied with the rest of the GOP field.  And third, many Republicans have internalized the Democratic/liberal criticism that they oppose Obama because he is black and that whenever they attack the president on this or that issue, the real motivation behind it is race.  Herman Cain, they believe, could take it to Obama without all that racial baggage.

“Here’s my theory,” said Cain, leaning forward in his chair.  “Let’s talk about the current field of Republican candidates.  They can’t go after Obama as hard as I can because they’re not black.  I think that, either subconsciously or deliberately, they are being coached to not say it a certain way, that you’re going to be labeled a racist and the liberal media is going to try to bring you down, because they still want to protect their precious Obama.”

Cain believes his audiences are a different story. “The voters, they hear my message first, not ‘He could take it to Obama,’ because they are more concerned about stopping Obama than taking it to Obama,” he explained.  “This is what I’m hearing and this is what I’m feeling.  And the race card is going to be short-lived if Herman Cain gets the nomination.”

But wouldn’t liberals and Democrats still find a racially-based way to attack Cain?  They certainly found a way to attack Clarence Thomas, the black, conservative Supreme Court justice.

“They’re going to come after me more viciously than they would a white candidate,” Cain responded. “You’re right.  Clarence Thomas.  And so, to use Clarence Thomas as an example, I’m ready for the same high-tech lynching that he went through — for the good of this country.”  Cain smiled broadly.  “I’m ready for the same high-tech lynching.”

When it became clear that the National Restaurant Association bimbo eruption gambit failed to derail the Cain Train, the DNC (yes, you can bet the ranch that the DNC is behind this – along with plenty of cash from George Soros) went in for the kill and dredged up a distaff version of Richard Rich, to whom they doubtless offered a king’s ransom in exchange for what, in a court of law, would be perjury if the matter ever got that far.

But it won’t, because whether or not Ginger White’s allegation is founded in truth or fantasy is immaterial and irrelevant – simply leveling the accusation is sufficiently controversial to produce the desired effect: if Cain tries to fight the charge and clear his name, he will be distracted from the campaign and draw even more attention to the tawdry nature of the accusation, at which time the DNC would unleash its nuclear option and trot out a mother (and former employee of the NRA) who claims that her child was fathered by Herman Cain. By that point, most of his support will have fled to Newt Gingrich (as they are doing so at this moment) despite that fact that not a shred of empirical evidence has been produced to substantiate ANY of the charges or accusations made against Mr. Cain.

Strangely enough, all of the accusers have emerged from the mists of the NRA years. We’ve yet to hear from anyone who worked with Cain at Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Burger King or Godfather’s Pizza. And that’s what lends the stink of incredulity to this whole charade: are we to believe that the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza suddenly woke up one morning after becoming the CEO of the NRA and decided to become a lecher? Seriously?

From start to finish, the DNC played their hand brilliantly. I’d be surprised to hear that Cain has decided to stand his ground and defend his integrity as he moves forward to the finish line. My best guess is that the latest allegations have effectively torpedoed his campaign: he knows that the harder he fights, the dirtier and more vicious the attacks will become. He fought the good fight and fought it with fairness and grace – most assuredly attributes that are a detriment in this, a singularly unfair and graceless age.

My guess is that he never suspected just how vicious the assault would be and, despite his intense patriotism, has no desire to turn the autumn of his years into a bonfire of political vanity. Hence his public announcement that he is “reassessing” his candidacy amid these new allegations.

Thing is: when you make that kind of public pronouncement, chances are that you’re likely to drop out of the race. Unless this is an extraordinary head fake, I believe that Herman Cain will withdraw from the contest before the end of this week – and somewhere in Heaven Ronald Reagan will be weeping.

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6 Responses to If The Happy Warrior Fades Away, Reagan Will Weep

  1. dloosend says:

    They teach you in Boy Scouts 101—-where there is smoke, there is fire. But then again, all married men give other women their cell # and have long, late night conversations with them—happens all the time. Sorry, but facts are stubborn things.

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      Facts are, indeed, stubborn things. And when you actually dig up some relevant facts that lend credence to Ginger White’s story, do get back to us.

  2. dloosend says:

    And the object of Tea Parties should be dump Milhous at any cost, or else, why bother??

  3. HeleneH says:

    No smoke, no fire, just liars.

  4. Dana Pearson says:

    For profit corporation employees are usually held to more accountability than employees of associations, lobbying organizations and societies. Cain probably would have had more trouble getting away with harassmenet at a corporation.

    Cain was a corporate cog and hasn’t worked in the for profit sector in 13 or more years. He mouths politically correct (from a conservative standpoint) platitudes but his record of achievment is thin.

    Many, if not most politicians are false facade phonies. All indications point to Cain being Clintoneesque. The only thing to weep about is how conservatives wouldn’t care even if Ginger White produces a semen stained blue dress. Character in politicians simply doesn’t matter anymore to liberals and unfortunately even to most conservatives.

    Cain would be better off running for a lower level office, winning, and using his political power to screw taxpayers and vulnerable middle aged women. Yes, I do believe that kind of stuff happens among hack NJ politicians. No, I don’t have a lot of “empirical” evidence, but I wasn’t born yesterday.