I Left My Brain in San Francisco

It has been said that there is no fool like an old fool and at 85 years of age, singer Tony Bennett continues to demonstrate in dulcet tones that age is no substitute for wisdom – or common sense or intelligence. Sadly, this mellifluous entertainer continues to cling to a worldview that most college graduates begin to abandon shortly after entering the workaday world of hoi polloi. Perhaps it’s his attempt to stay relevant with the much younger crop of celebutards that infest Hollywood these days.

Even prior to the 2000 Presidential Election which marked the official beginning of the great Red State/Blue State divide that has since become a cold civil war, Tony Bennett made no bones about the fact that he was a bonafide Leftist and, after Dubya took office, never hesitated to opine on his fear and loathing of the incipient Rethuglican Fascism that had to wait out two terms of office before manifesting itself as Deathocrat Fascism in the Obama administration.

Though not exactly a 911 Truther (who believes that the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center was orchestrated by the Bush administration), Bennett nevertheless comfortably asserted his belief that the events of that awful day were nothing more than karma – that America’s chickens had indeed come home to roost.

This much was reiterated by Bennett during an an appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio program to promote his latest CD:

The conversation took a bizarre turn after Stern asked Bennett, a veteran of World War II, how the United States should deal with the terrorists who were responsible for destroying the World Trade Center.

“They flew the plane in but we caused it,” Bennett said. “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.” He also asked Stern, “Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

WOW. Just…wow. Bennett’s brain really IS in San Francisco and it’s a sure bet Nancy Pelosi is using it for a door stop. It didn’t take long for old Tony to realize the nature of his faux pas (more likely it was his agent who, taking a cue from the agent who represented the Dixie Chicks, dialed up Bennett and patiently explained to him that he didn’t become world-famous and fabulously wealthy by selling his concerts and albums to no one but fellow Leftists).

So what does Tony Bennett do? He issues the standard, boilerplate, Hollywood non-apology:

Appearing on ABC’s “The View,” Bennett was asked about his comments. He produced a card and read from it.

“I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world,” the singer said, echoing his statement on Facebook.

“Nobody loves America more than I do,” Bennett said, reading from the card.

Uh huh. Permit me to offer an analogy that will help clarify Bennett’s idiocy: a rabidly self-hating Catholic man purchases ad space in the local paper and proceeds to defame the Catholic Church in the most offensive terms. When called out on his tirade, he offers the  following apology:

I am sorry if my words suggested anything other than an expression of my love for the Church, my hope for the clergy and my desire for peace in all the world’s religions. Nobody loves the Catholic Church more than I do.

God, what a douche bag. Geez Louise, there was a time when I believed Tony Bennett was a better singer than Frank Sinatra.

For this reason I’m glad Dean Martin realized it was a far, far better thing to just keep his mouth shut about these things and sing:

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4 Responses to I Left My Brain in San Francisco

  1. Cranky ole Patriot says:

    I find myself smiling and remembering his television shows. Ah the small pleasures!

  2. Barb says:

    My Italian mom and her two cousins used to sit and watch that show and hold their fingers like Dean did while holding his cigarette. I remember the opening song…Welcome to my world with the Goldiggers!
    Now…Tony Bennett. My dad was a contractor and got a job doing work in his yard building something (I forget what). Bennett never offered them a drink of water…nothing. When they finished the job, he told them he had a gift for them. They thought they were getting a great tip (or finally that glass of water) . Well, to their surprise, he opened the back patio doors and started singing and playing the piano! There was one bunch of P.O’d construction workers.
    Thanks for the memory, Gene!

  3. Barb says:

    Gene, I hope you don’t mind me posting this…what a memory!


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