HBO vs Palin: If You Can’t Attack the Message…

I remember back in 1981, when I started working for the local Cablevision franchise and got to watch HBO for the first time.  I thought it was soooo cool.  I was 22 and was so caught up in the rapture of having the ability to watch movies at home that I went to Radio Shack and bought a stereo tuner to hook up between my stereo and the “slide” cable box, in order to have movie theater-style sound at home.

You need to remember, back then, computer work was done on Apple 2E computers with VisiFile and VisiCalc programs,  and the computer handling all of the customer information took up a whole sterilized, pressurized room.

Back then, watching HBO was enjoyable…and nonpolitical.  

Now, they are nothing more than a Liberal propaganda machine.  For example, there’s the obnoxious Real Time with Bill Maher, where the unfunny, shrieking, washed-up, Liberal comedian interviews other unfunny, shrieking Libs about how stupid Conservatives are.

And now, HBO presents this made-for-Cable masterpiece:

At today’s TCA panel on HBO’s movie Game Change [which premieres March 10th], director/executive producer Jay Roach said he tried to get Sarah Palin’s cooperation for the film about the 2008 presidential election, which is based on the book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. “On behalf of the (film), I wrote a long letter explaining that I thought it would ‑‑ we would just do better at getting the story right if she would talk to us,” said Roach, also the director of HBO’s Recount, about the 2000 presidential race. “And I got a very quick email back from her attorney saying, ‘I checked. She declines.’ So I took that as, you know, the final answer.” Still, Game Change writer Danny Strong (who also penned Recount) said he was able to interview 25 people connected with the 2008 campaign. He did not get John McCain or his speechwriter Mark Salter but said, “I got everybody else, including people who are not portrayed in the film.”

Strong called Game Change nonpartisan and added that Republican politicians were very receptive to Recount (“James Baker threw us a premiere,” he said). Although the book focuses on the entire campaign, including much material on the Obamas, the movie focuses on Palin. Strong and Roach said the choice made sense for the movie because Palin’s rise from political obscurity was one of the great political stories of all time. Julianne Moore plays Palin, Ed Harris plays McCain and Woody Harrelson plays McCain’s campaign chief Steve Schmidt. The actors appeared on the panel today with Strong, while Roach was onscreen via satellite. Moore said she hired a voice coach to help her achieve Palin’s distinct speech patterns. When asked whether playing the controversial politician changed her opinion about the former Alaska governor, Moore said: “I have a profound respect for the historical nature of her candidacy.” Harrelson cracked that “he became a Republican” in the process of researching the role.

During the session, Strong said that the movie’s point is to examine how politics is intersecting with entertainment. “A USA Today story referred to the Republican primaries as American Idol,” he said. “It doesn’t matter, it’s ephemera, you are supposed to forget the next day.” After the panel, Strong told Deadline that the recent Republican debates have set the scene for Game Change to be appreciated. “The debates perfectly express what the film is about — seeing the electoral process become a reality,” he said. “Celebrity is more important than the issues, we wait for the candidates to be voted off the island. I think the 2008 campaign was the birth of that.” Asked whether he would have been as willing to take on a Democrat, Strong said: “Absolutely. I was dying to do the John Edwards movie, but Aaron Sorkin swooped in and bought up the rights.”

New York Daily News film critic David Hinckley summed it up perfectly: “It’s not a particularly flattering portrayal.”

I’ll bet.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen a political figure attacked by both the opposite political party and their own, with the ferocity of the attacks that have been launched against Sarah Palin.

Here’s some of the things I remember that the critics said about the last guy:

“He’s a B-movie actor who should have stuck with making movies with a chimp.”

“He’s a doddering old man who would be a total disaster as president.”

“He will never accomplish anything in the field of foreign affairs.”

“He’s just too old.”

Of course, I’m referring to the greatest president in our lifetime, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

What did this “old man” accomplish?

Well, immediately after he was sworn in, he got the American hostages released in Iran.

Carter left office with hostages in Iran, an inflation rate of 12%, unemployment 11%, and a prime interest rate of 21%. Reaganomics – including tax cuts, tax reform and reduction in welfare – brought down all three in record time. Reagan then guided America through Black Monday, the greatest single day loss and crash of the stock market.  (And we did not lose our Credit Rating.)

He deregulated the airline industry, including breaking the air traffic controllers union, and deregulated transportation.

His presidency oversaw the creation of 15 million new jobs.

He rebuilt the nation’s military.

His strong foreign policy was built upon the important axiom: “Trust But Verify.”

He is credited with bringing down the Soviet Union, along with the Berlin Wall, through forcing them to over spend on their military and through intelligent, unyielding diplomacy.

President Ronald Reagan restored America’s faith in government, relieved fears, and made America strong and proud again.  He also restored America’s place as the leader of the Free World.

If Gov. Palin wishes to continue in a national leadership role, she needs to take her cue from President Reagan, who was famous for communicating directly to the American people.

For instance, she could publish blogs on Facebook, and, maybe, be a pundit on the leading cable news network.

Oh, wait…

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One Response to HBO vs Palin: If You Can’t Attack the Message…

  1. josephine says:

    Thank you for this article. I have solved the problem of manipulation and untruths invading my home. As the sensationalism has increased and taken over the world, I become disappointed and disgusted with it all. Even the “fair and balanced”.
    You must know that I have watched TV since 1955 when my father brought the huge box home. I have always watched the news, even as a child. It was my way of sticking close to my father. It started a habit that I still have.
    During the broadcast of one famous commentator around 10 to 11 o’clock one week day night, I turned off the set and phoned the cable company asked that they disconnect my cable. They did so immediately. This was 2005 or 2006. Natale Holloway had disappeared and the “powers” were going wild. I kept the TV until 2 months ago as I was sentimental towards the box itself. I finally gave it to a thrift shop. It still had great color and reception. It was a Zenith, made in the USA.
    I use my computer to search out what I believe is the closest thing to the truth. I have a movie service. I listen to several talk shows on the radio. I do not pay any attention to the AP news blurps. They are also manipulative. And who are these great minds that spew out their knowledge.
    A friend of mine on the radio says: “follow the money”. He is 99.6% correct all of the time.
    I am sorry for my fellow Americans that get caught up in the mass communication coming off the cable. I am actually such a push over in my personal life, however, I just don’t understand the concept of “group thinking”. I think this is dysfunctional. I see it all the time. You take one ego and that ego is bound and determined to convince everyone they are in possession of some great insight. This is motivated by an overactive ego and the desire to make the greatest splash, to attract the greatest amount of attention to feed that ego, and thus get the highest ratings which equals the most amount of money. I am all for money. I am a true entrepreneur. I real capitalist.I am also a purest which complicates things.
    I realize people need to get off their feet sometimes, but these “commentators” are propaganda experts and I don’t buy.
    Have you noticed that there is so much emphasis on being a “team member” these days. There is a limit to this for me. Watch out. These teams are many times made up of the mini minded and even stupid unproductive people, people that make a big splash and don’t have the knowledge and sense to implement good direction or make good decisions. They are power hungry. Many times they don’t have any qualifications to be directing thought and productivity.
    Take the Casey Anthony trial. That was disgusting in the way the media led the viewers in their views. I was glad that toxin was not in my home. It reminded me of the serfs in the middle ages (or the jihad)at a hanging or beheading. I think the prosecutor seemed to have gone after the wrong crime.He was probably a good Team Member.
    Take the Obama campaign that has been going on non stop sense 2007. They managed to manipulate the young. The young is now wising up . They are embarrassed that they fell for such a scam.
    I am an artist, professional for 25 years now. Thanks to the media,(and they think this is neat) artists are usually depicted as those who are flakey, bazaar, believe in free sex anywhere,anytimebecause of this many believe we are inept in other areas, and looked down upon in some provincial environments as if we are ducking responsibility, immature, and that we lead sinful lives. People have been suckered into the mind set by a few narrow minded thinkers with a few examples of this to illustrate their point. I am none of those things.What I am is an independent thinker that looks beyond the obvious and the manipulation out there.
    It’s all about money. That would be ok if what they were selling was the truth and not propaganda. My friend on the radio also says:be very careful who you read and who you listen to.
    Instead of being glued to the TV every night, my mind is usually always thinking. Whether that’s good or not, I believe it’s better than being swamped by all of those clowns looking for attention and instant gratification. I classify most of them as “wanna bees”.
    Because I am a portrait painter, I “organically” see beauty in almost everyone I see. I also think I naturally see their souls, or at least some of their soul. I can usually see when someone is not authentic with the presentation of that soul. I am not into seances an things like that.
    I have been reading, listening and watching videos of the GOP race and looking at the facts I see in front of me. The “conservative and liberal media” would have us believe that we can not possibly live without Mitt Romney. Y’all know what I’m talking about. He can do no wrong. However, they can not tell us what he has done right. They say he is the only one electable. I believe in my heart that they know they can manipulate him-so they want him. He does not seem to know, from day to day, what he believes. He has not shown me that he knows anything about the constitution. He seems to like Obama. He likes everybody. Mitt is probably a good Team Member, manipulated by polls and the “powers that be”. He will not step on anyone’s toes except those of Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich knows the constitution. He has a phenomenal record in Congress, He structured the economy and his direction helped create 11,000,000 jobs. He balanced the budget 4 years in a row. He is a constitutional conservative. I say he’s 90% conservative. I am too. He has a few skeletons. Do we forget Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton? Newt has converted to Catholicism, that is serious business. Have you seen the Piers Morgan interview with him. it is worth searching out. he also likes children and animals.
    The media would have us believe that Mitt is a run away winner, that Ron Paul is taking the social conservatives, and that Santorum will rob Newt of Florida. Florida is no longer the Florida of 25 years ago. It is very moderate. Michigan has moved to Florida. I love Florida.
    My friend on the radio has told us of the way capitalism got started in America. The Pilgrims landed and for the first year they took the harvest and results of hunting and distributed them to everyone in the colony. They almost starved. They realized that many were not working at producing anything and were causing shortages and hunger. They would not have that. They set up a system where “you reap what you sow” and the sick and old were taken care of. It worked and they survived and America has depended on that system for 400 years. Socialism and Marxism have never worked. Corruption sets in and the economy goes down and the people lose while the leaders become a tyrannical mafioso.
    I am not manipulating you I am being truthful.
    71 members of the Congress of the USA are members of the American Communist Party. This is true. They have been there for a while. They have damaged our country so bad it may take a generation to fix her. If we do not defeat Obama, we may not have a vote next time. Sorry this was so long.