Time to Have the Committeeman Committed?

It’s a sad thing to behold when a person who may have held so much promise for a noble cause loses sight of that goal, becomes sidetracked by petty obsessions and personal demons and eventually self-destructs in full view of friends and foes alike – both of whom, if they have any wisdom at all, will think to themselves: “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

Thus the decline and fall of NJGOP State Committeeman Rob Eichmann, whose article posted at 8 PM last night on the once credible Conservative New Jersey blog will pretty much seal his political fate.

Eichmann’s article contained the following:

Over at PolitickerNJ, some self-proclaimed tea partiers were launching an attack on Americans for Prosperity, 2009 conservative GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan, and State Senator Mike Doherty – hands down the most conservative member of the Legislature. Instead of supporting conservative Mike Doherty, they said that they would support Daryl Brooks instead.

Over at PolitickerNJ is an article replete with the comments quoted by Committeeman Eichmann below:

After one wrote: “The NJ TEA Party will support Daryl Brooks U.S. Senate”, Markf wrote: “Daryl Brooks is a true Tea Party leader and he is bold enough to say whats really on his mind. He’s my type a brother.”

Then Barbg wrote: “Hell yes Daryl Brooks has are support he will not sell the TEA Party out. Vote Brooks 2012!!!!!!”

Then came Danhag: “I will support Daryl Brooks so lets start raise money now. Brooks will rise to the top no more AFP. Vote Brooks 2012!!!!!!” This was followed by Adrian, who wrote: “Hey guys I’m with you with Daryl Brooks he does have the strenth and he is bold. Also he’s good for the eyes to..Go Brooks 2012!!!!!!!” Then GeorgH added: “Hey Tea Party I’m with you when it comes to Brooks he will the great comeback kid. Your right the Hell with AFP, Lonegan and Doherty.. Oh yea the gop RINO’s to. Brooks 2012!!!!!!!!”

And then a light bulb went on in someone’s head and they remembered… “Is this the same Daryl Brooks who served time as a sex offender and was jailed for being a deadbeat dad?”

That caused RoseAnn to jump in: “Guys, please vette candidates before endorsing them.  There are two other men who will be entering the race that can make very good candidates.  Please reserve your support until you have had a chance to vette everyone.” Two other candidates? We always knew Richard “Dick” LaRossa would make a run for it, but Mark Quick too? Only in New Jersey!

Someone called truther added: “Darrell Brooks has run for virtually every conceivable political office that the risen New Jersey including Gov. And yes he is a convicted pedophile and no matter how much you may protest his innocence he served several years in prison and his only explanation is that he was innocent of the charges. I really don’t think the tea party is doing itself any favors by supporting someone with that kind of background.”

But in response, Markf wrote: “We will support Brooks because he has been threw hell and back. We know Brooks will support the Constitution and he will fight Obama care….AFP has sold us out and in 2008 who was apart of the party. And race will play a factor in this election because all the GOP contenders will be white men. Brooks will be are Herman Cain of NJ.. Ps. who the hell is perfect????”

Well, there’s nothing like having a breakdown in public. And please excuse the spelling.

Logical question: who, precisely, authored these comments? I suppose only the PolitickerNJ webmaster could answer that question. Then again, maybe not: the protocol for posting comments on this site is among the sloppiest I’ve ever seen anywhere  on the Internet.  All one has to do to post a comment is type in an e-mail address (it can  be entirely bogus) and a screen name (also bogus), with one screen name permitted for every e-mail address submitted. Unless PolitickerNJ has a record of the IP addresses of those who posted comments in the thread, there is no way if identifyng the commenters.

Here is a screen cap of the thread that contains the damning comments. Read from the bottom up to see how I unmasked what appears to be an entirely contrived comment thread:

Note that each and every one of the pro-Brooks comments in the thread was written in a manner so clumsy and ham-handed that only Eichmann could be the source. I checked the tags in his article  to see if the words parody, humor or satire appeared there. Nope. What I did find was this:

What the hell was he thinking when he posted this? What the hell was Dick Zeundt thinking when he allowed it to be posted? Were I an exceedingly charitable man, I’d give Rob the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s been duped by a prankster. Unfortunately, the past three months have left me much less charitable and far more cynical: Eichmann’s whacky fingerprints are all over this. Half-truths, innuendo, insinuations, outright lies, slander, libel, defamation deceit and now this: fabricating comments in a news site thread  in order to tar brush his enemies.  Good grief…this is a new low even for Eichmann. It’s gone from sad to downright pathetic and I’m surprised that both the CLC and the NJGOP continue to tolerate this bizarre and embarrassing behavior.

For the record, neither Barbara Gonzalez and Bob Gordon nor the Bayshore Tea Party group have implicitly or explicitly endorsed Daryl Brooks for U.S. Senate.

I find the last paragraph of the post to be ironically revealing insofar as it is Committeeman Eichmann who has clearly taken leave of his senses. There is something seriously wrong with him and the better part of charity  instructs us to hope and pray that he seeks professional help before he does real and enduring harm to himself and others.

In the meantime, I urge my readers to contact GOP State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia and send him the full text of this article. Mr. Raia can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: chairman@njgop.org.

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5 Responses to Time to Have the Committeeman Committed?

  1. dloosend says:

    And much will be learned about the state GOP by how they handle this.

  2. HeleneH says:

    Poor guy must have a headache all the time with all those personalities running around inside his head.

  3. Dana Pearson says:

    I doubt it is Eichmann on politickernj. He struggles mightily to put even an incoherent sentence together.

    Winkler is a more likely candidate. If I read the njcrlc.org site between the lines a bit, it seems to me that Winkie Dink has ghost written for a person or two on politickernj (back in 2009 and or 2010) and is not above using screen names such as “digitup”, maybe “Silence Dogood” also?

  4. hehehe says:

    Look at the picture of Lonegan on the Politikr’ site & try to convince me he doesn’t look like “Meatloaf”…..I dare ya.

    Like a bat out of hell he’ll be gone when 2012 comes….

    BTW, on Certifiable Nut Job site, the Moniker “Silence Dogwood” belongs to Wee willie winkie! The meter, thoughts, syntax & style match him exactly, but he only takes the veil off when he’s pissed! Otherwise he’ll purposely mask, to try & throw others off the scent.

    As far as I can tell, the two true scumbags are winkie & our dear friend herein mentioned above, dancing to the tune of Mr. Meatloaf himself apparently. Gotta make a living somehow I guess…. Does it pay that well?

  5. CJ FREEDOM says:

    Totally over the top. When will it end? Not soon enough, in my opinion.