Has Rockin’ Robbo Finally Lost His Mind?

It looks like the Lance campaign is beginning to panic: his poll numbers are tanking and victory on June 5 is not the foregone conclusion they figured it would be a couple of months ago. I suspect that next week we will witness a sustained barrage from Camp Leonard directed at Camp David. The gathering clouds of what could be defeat for Leonard Lance – and for the Pseudo-Conservative Cabal that bet the proverbial ranch on his victory – appear to be too much for Rob “Rockin’ Robbo” Eichmann to handle.

In an article posted yesterday on Crazy Dick’s CNJ website, Der Eichmeister finally manages to evince a full-fledged break from reality that ought to merit at least an honorable mention from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz.

It reeks of desperation and therefore deserves to be linked so that you may temporarily indulge yourself in the fetid waters of a true fever swamp:

Then there is God – RoseAnn Salanitri – and her attacks on the Roman Catholic Church. Every one of the legislators singled out for attack is a devout, mass-attending Roman Catholic. So is Steve Lonegan. Is there any wonder why these good religious conservatives want NOTHING to do with any of this anti-Catholic, racist, violent bunch?

Is there any wonder why conservatives are confused by the sight of followers of Dick LaRossa bashing Leonard Lance as a liberal? Even as LaRossa’s acolytes push the most liberal illegal immigration agenda of any Republican candidate in America?

It is nuts. It is madness. And because of it, everyone has withdrawn to safe ground. Everyone wants to be as far away from the racists, the bigots, the violent haters as possible.

You want to know why these conservative legislators walked away from David Larsen? It’s because of people like you, Gene Hoyas. Yes, Gene, endorsements matter. And your endorsement of Larsen was the worst thing to happen to him.

I cannot help but be touched by Eichmann’s back-handed encomium and Winkleresque obsession with me (Apparently, I’ve managed to set up shop rent-free inside BOTH their heads – and yes, the accommodations are very spacious). However, I must humbly demur: it is not my support of David Larsen that prompted the treachery of Doherty & Company. Rather, it was their venal desire for power – a desire that was evident long before I came to the defense of the Bayshore Tea Party last year.

Let us not forget that, for many years, Doherty was a protègé of Leonard Lance and endorsed Lance in the 2010 primary over a bona fide conservative challenger. Moreover, Doherty joined the Lance campaign long before I picked up the pom-poms for Larsen on this website – although I must say that my prescience is remarkable: on March 24 I asked “Is it possible that Eichmann is laying the groundwork for a future political and personal assault on David Larsen[?]

Assuming that Lance is even aware of Eichmann’s existence (I doubt the congressman spends any time trolling the local sewer), he must be smacking himself in the forehead at the thought of a certifiable lunatic in his corner.

Welcome to your Fifth Column, Mr. Lance. Good luck with all of that.

And now for today’s music video interlude. I dedicate this classic oldy to Rockin’ Robbo:

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4 Responses to Has Rockin’ Robbo Finally Lost His Mind?

  1. Barb says:

    LOL!!!!! I used to love that song and then they wouldn’t allow the radio stations to play it. This was a great way to bring it back!!!!

  2. truther says:

    Rob “Adolph” Eichmann should just go home and take one last “shower.”

  3. TP109 says:

    In a salute to his latest incoherent and near-psychotic ramblings…. Eichmann and Abilify …..perfect together.

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