Happy Mother’s Day!

Be she a sinner or a saint, Jezebel or the Mother of Jesus, an ineffable bond forever connects every one of us to the woman who brought us into world and protected us  from it as we grew in strength and (hopefully) wisdom. It is a relationship that transcends cold biology and suffuses itself into every nook and cranny of cultural consciousness.

Thus the Christian happily accepts Judaism as the mother of his faith and the American embraces his British sibling: for it is truly said that a while a mother may bear many children of different fathers, every child has but one mother.

Mine passed away on Easter Day in 2004 and while I’m grateful there was enough time for me to say good-bye, I wish I had taken more time to say hello. I’m the guy who waited too long.

Don’t be that guy: today is Mother’s Day. If you were unable to send flowers, candy or a card then go the distance and actually call her on the phone. No store-bought bloom or Hallmark platitude can ever replace the sweetest sound a mother will ever hear: the voice of her child saying, “Hi, Mom…I called to tell you I love you.”

James Whistler understood that sentiment. So did Mr. Bean…who explained as much in the eponymous 1997 motion picture:

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I’m still sorry…and I still miss you.

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