Hang the Bastards

For thirteen frickin’ hours, five Mohammedan terrorists managed to string along a U.S. military court that was largely manacled by the restraints of the prevailing politically correct zeitgeist, which excludes Mohammedans of any stripe from the most reasonable of suspicions. What we are witnessing is nothing less than a society and a civilization burying its collective head in the sand, as if to say “Better screwed than rude.”

And so the military court - convened at Gitmo to try five Islamic terrorists – tolerated the antics of defendants who understood with perfect clarity that THEY were the ones in control of the proceedings.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed fingered his long, henna-dyed beard and stared down in silence on Saturday, pointedly ignoring a military commissions judge asking in vain whether the self-described architect of the Sept. 11 attacks understood what was being said and whether he was willing to be represented by his defense lawyers.

Minutes later, Ramzi bin al Shibh, another of the five detainees arraigned on Saturday as accused conspirators in the attacks, stood, knelt and started praying. Later, he shouted at the judge that he should address their complaints about prison conditions because “maybe you are not going to see me again.”

“Maybe they are going to kill us and say that we have committed suicide,” he added.

One defendant, Walid bin Attash, was wheeled into the courtroom in a restraint chair for reasons that were not disclosed.

Amid disruptions both passive and aggressive, the government’s attempt to restart its efforts to prosecute the five defendants in the long-delayed Sept. 11 case got off to a slow and rocky start in a trial that could ultimately result in their execution.

After hours of jostling over procedural issues, all five defendants deferred entering a plea. The judge set a hearing date for motions in mid-June; the trial is not likely to start for at least a year.

The Bush administration had started to prosecute the men in the military commissions system in 2008.

It goes on and on to the point where one reaches for either Dramamine or Maalox. Four years of foot-dragging with the only possible conclusion being a life sentence in a prison where the convicted terrorists will enjoy a quality of existence not much removed from the coddling they received at Gitmo should be more than any red-blooded American can stand.

Am I the only one who observes that the emperor not only is naked but is sitting on the shoulders of an 800-lb. gorilla?

The answer is startlingly simple: foreign terrorists – like foreign pirates – deserve no due process. Therefore we ought to simply hang the bastards. Hang every one we apprehend. Hang them immediately – and then dump the bodies in a common grave along with several gallons of pig blood. Record the whole thing on video and immediately upload it to Youtube with a warning in several languages that says simply: “If you are a Muslim terrorist, this will be your fate.

Do that and watch how quickly the incidents of Mohammedan terrorism decline in number.

I offer this delightful fantasy that you might indulge yourself in the agreeable sweetness of the justice it depicts if only to suppress the nausea you are doubtless experiencing as you watch the travesty of justice unfolding at Gitmo – courtesy of the Obama administration and a cultural zeitgeist that demands we ignore what is obviously real and focus on what is politically imagined.

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One Response to Hang the Bastards

  1. owleyepundit says:

    Get information from them first. THEN hang them.