Gub’mint Cheese Millionaires

Some months ago a news story appeared on the FOX network that featured a lottery winner who continued to collect food stamps after taking home close to a million dollars. You have to see this story (and watch the video) to believe it. I sometimes wonder if instant lottery wealth really is a divine curse on those whose grasp desperately extends beyond their reach.

Last June, Leroy Fick took home a $2 million prize on the lottery show “Make Me Rich.”

While everyone loves a good rags-to-riches story, over the past year, some say Fick was still using a Bridge card, Michigan’s version of food stamps.

He’s not even denying the allegations and some people are outraged.

“This guy won $2 million, he’s driving around in an Audi convertible, collecting our tax money on food stamps…what would you say to those people? Do you think it’s ethical?” asked a reporter.

“From my point of view, I think so,” Fick replied. “You’re going to sit there and make me feel bad…you aren’t going to do it, it ain’t gonna happen, so you might as well just ship on out of here.”

Fick says the I.R.S. took more than half his winnings, but if that was true, it would still leave him with almost $1 million.

He’s also collecting disability payments from the Social Security administration.

I don’t have anywhere near a million bucks, but if I did, I’d wager every penny of it that Mr. Fick is a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama. Here’s to hoping that, at the very least, Michigan revoked his Bridge card after this story aired.

Not sick enough yet? Then check out the video:

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