Go Back to the Attic, Uncle Ron

In what has to be the crown jewel of evidence submitted at a hypothetical hearing to determine his competence to live outside the protective confines of a psychiatric ward, Dr. Ron Paul this past Sunday pretty much signed his own commitment papers in the course of an interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday:

At a time of escalating U.S. official’s claims against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is suggesting that Washington adopt a new approach — don’t impose sanctions, “treat them differently,” and offer “friendship.”

On Fox News’s program “Fox News Sunday” the U.S. lawmaker from Texas challenged the notion that Iran poses a security threat.

According to CNSnews, Paul said, “For Iranians to be a threat to us or to anybody in the region, I think it’s just blown out of proportion.”

Paul reiterated his opposition to imposing sanctions against Iran.

“When you put on strong sanctions, those are acts of war because we did that in Iraq for ten years, and little kids died, couldn’t get medicines and food. It led to war,” he said. “So, I would say treat them [the Iranians] differently and it’d be less threatening.”

He stated the provision in the bill allowing sanctions against interests doing business with Iran “would have a dramatic impact on U.S. commercial and diplomatic relations with Russia and China.”

“We must change our foreign policy from one of interventionism and confrontation to cooperation and diplomacy” he added.

But for the fact that Iran is on the brink of developing a viable and deployable nuclear weapon, and has plainly stated that it will deploy this weapon in an effort to summon forth into this dimension the Twelfth Mahdi,  Dr. Paul’s comments would be laughable. Unfortunately, it’s no laughing matter now and the time has come for Dr. Paul to return to the rubber-lined attic whence he came. Bad enough we have to deal with lunatics in the world of Islam; the last thing we need is to tangle with them in our own ranks.

And let us not forget that erstwhile Conservative NJ State Senator Mike Doherty has endorsed Ron Paul for president. But why?

I suspect that, in the mistaken belief that Ron Paul is a favorite son of the Tea Party movement in New Jersey, Doherty is attempting to mitigate the damage he caused by refusing to repudiate the vicious campaign of libel and defamation waged against several Tea Party groups by Bill Winkler, Rob Eichmann and  the blog Conservative New Jersey for the better part of this year.

That he cast his lot with a fringe, quasi-libertarian kook while ignoring several other good conservative candidates this early in the race leaves me (and a number of Tea Party groups) wondering if Mr. Doherty is as confused about the meaning of conservatism as he obviously is about the meaning of integrity.

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One Response to Go Back to the Attic, Uncle Ron

  1. truther says:

    Ron Paul is a certified lunatic. Why say more? Maybe Obama will give him the post of Ambassador to Iran and a one way ticket to fly there.