Gee…What Will This “New” Sitcom Look Like?

Astute Bulldog Pundit readers will recall that in the wake of the 2000 presidential election, Comedy Central debuted a sitcom conceived by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame/infamy titled “That’s My Bush” and based on the George W. Bush presidency. More correctly, it was based on the prevailing meme which held (and still holds) that Dubya is a blithering idiot. To be fair, the sitcom was in the works long before the election and was originally planned to parody Al Gore, who Stone and Parker were certain would win.

I recall watching ten minutes of the premier episode before changing the channel, as I could actually feel my IQ dropping while I watched it. In spite of Comedy Central’s dedicated viewer demographic of idiots, morons and the culturally retarded, the show was just too costly to produce and was dropped after only eight episodes.

Fortunately, for those still obsessed with the “Republicans are both evil and stupid” trope, a major broadcast network has far deeper pockets and far more ambitious plans:

NBC has ordered a pilot for a sitcom set in the White House and co-created by a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, The Wrap reported Monday.

Jon Lovett, a former standup comedian and Obama speechwriter, announced in September he was leaving Washington to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Lovett created “1600 Penn” alongside “Modern Family” writer and director Jason Winer and Josh Gad, star of the musical “The Book of Mormon.”

It is described as the story of a “dysfunctional family that just happens to live at the most famous address in America.”

Lovett, Winer and Gad will also serve as executive producers, and Winer will direct the pilot.

NBC reportedly ordered a put pilot commitment, which means the network will have to pay penalties if it does not air the pilot, making it more likely that it will air.

A rational person would conclude that this new sitcom will lampoon the Obama presidency and for good reason: the “Dad” is an intellectually lightweight former community organizer and closet cigarette smoker who is forced to sneak out for greasy cheeseburgers because the dominating, harridan “Mom” (who secretly snarfs her fill of fattening food) is an all-natural health food fanatic. Throw in a pair of precocious ‘tweener daughters, a smarmy press spokesman and a staff of scheming Machiavellians and a rational person would say you have a hit series that’s comedy gold.

But this isn’t a rational world and NBC is owned by GE – of which Obama Buddy and major campaign contributor Jeff Immelt is the head honcho. We can therefore dispense with an speculation and cut to the chase:

I predict that this “new” series will feature a white Republican Dubya redux onto whom all of Obama’s failings and pecadillos will be projected with painstaking detail. Ditto for the harpy wife. Perhaps they’ll borrow from the Married With Children oeuvre and offer up two children in the form of an idiot savant, sex-crazed lolita and a sneak-thief troll for a son – both of whom happen to chill out with their liberal friends because they need to rebel against all that repressive authority.

It’s all so tiringly predictable – including the money wasted on a series that will tank in record time…assuming it goes beyond the pilot phase.

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  1. josephine says:

    I cut him off. Not interested in anyone who writes lies for O’Bama. xo josephine