Future NJ Governor Defends Bain Capital

I will always take some measure of pride in the knowledge that I was way ahead of the curve when I predicted that Cory Booker – the present Democrat mayor of Newark, NJ – is the next governor of the Garden State and deservedly so for two reasons: first, the GOP in New Jersey has become so ossified and corrupt as to be little more than a simulacrum of the party of Ronald Reagan; second, it appears that Mr. Booker isn’t quite the thoroughgoing Marxist I assumed him to be.

In this brief clip from “Meet the Press,” Booker comes to the defense of…(gasp!) Bain Capital.

Nota bene: a couple of months ago the subject of Cory Booker came up in a conversation I had with Bulldog commenter Kenny. I mentioned the post in which I predicted that Booker would become our next governor despite the fact he’s – and I quote myself – “a liberal statist.”

Kenny shook his head and told me that Booker was more conservative than people realize. He went on to explain that he met Booker and spent some time with him discussing a broad range of policy issues, on which the mayor of Newark channeled Ronald Reagan more loudly than George McGovern.

If Booker’s defense of Bain Capital is a harbinger of Kenny’s assessment, then I will confidently predict that if Gov. Zeppelin runs for re-election next year, Booker will bury him in landslide.

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4 Responses to Future NJ Governor Defends Bain Capital

  1. Nadia says:

    and then he folded like a cheap suit once he got the call, most likely, from the Obama Administration and retreated from his original statement. Typical spineless politician, nothing new here.

  2. truther says:

    He actually sounds more conservative than our current Governor. He’ll stop folding after Obama takes it in the teeth in November.

  3. Kurt Epps says:

    Guess he was told that he wandered too far off the plantation, hence, the walkback…

  4. kenny says:

    I’m still waiting for you to speak with the Mayor, personally. Let us know your thoughts from there.