Frankenpooch Enters His Second AKC Puppy Match

Last Saturday, Nicole and I entered Max the Wonder Dog in an AKC-sponsored puppy match in Bridgewater, NJ. I was certain the crafty, scheming, little bastard would easily swipe the Gaudy Ribbon but, alas, Frankenpooch has a mind of his own and it wanders furthest from the word “obedience” and closest to the word “food.”

I suggested to Nicole that we employ the shock collar she normally reserves for me; the love of my life was not amused.

We arrived at the field early that day; the match was scheduled to begin at 10 o’clock. It rained earlier and foreboding, gray skies betokened uneasy weather that we suspected would keep many contenders away. Nevertheless, die hard dog owners showed up – and what the field of contenders lacked in quantity it surely made up in quality.

Max made a new friend: a beautiful Mastiff puppy named Johnny. Mastiffs grow to an enormous size; I noted how much bigger five month old Max was and jokingly asked if  Johnny was three weeks old. Turns out, he’s only twelve weeks old. Yikes…he’s gonna be huge in another two months!

Here’s a brief video recap of Max’s day at the puppy match:

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