Dr. Atkins and the New Flagpole

Faithful readers will recall my original post on Dr. Atkins’ prediction regarding Hurricane Irene. Alone and apart from the pack of apocalyptic doomsayers who forecast the end of civilization as we know it in the northeast, Atkins predicted that Irene would be nothing more than a massive rainstorm. He was right. To be sure, it was historically destructive in terms of the flooding, but there was no Irenageddon.  I’ve since corresponded via e-mail with Dr. Atkins, who, on the grounds of his home turf in the Big Sky state of Montana, proclaims his love for America:

Greetings, Gene!

Our flag of this great Republic is flying high on top of the Rims in Billings!  I thought you’d like to see some of the shots I took on a windy day & evening with varying amounts of dramatic cloud cover.

The wood pole is lodge pine, supported by and bolted to a steel base set in concrete.  We regularly get 60 mph gusts on the cliff, but she will remain strong.  From the base to the tip of the golden eagle at the very top, she’s 20 feet high.

The embroidered Old Glory is 6-feet wide.  I got all the hardware and pieces from American Flag Store — I highly recommend their wonderful family service.

Herewith I present to you, dear readers, these breath-taking photos, courtesy of Dr. Simon Atkins, September 2011 – Billings, Montana:

We at Bulldog Pundit salute you, Dr. Atkins! God bless you and God bless America!

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